Airius Lighting Solutions

Airius – LED Lighting Solutions

Airius LED Lighting Solutions was founded on the back of a team of dynamic, creative & experienced engineers with the goal of developing cutting edge LED lighting technologies that light the way forward towards more exciting and productive environments.

Incorporating the latest in LED technology our sophisticated range of Commercial, Industrial and Sports LED luminaires excel far beyond current industry standards and not only offer excellent performance and efficiency, but are among the most cost-effective LED lighting solutions on the market today. We are so confident in the quality of our LED lighting systems we provide a massive, market leading 5-year warranty on all our lighting products (Terms & Conditions apply).

Our skilled team of Electrical Engineers and Designers at Airius LED Lighting Solutions comprises of more than 20 years professional experience in lighting design, production and quality control and we work hard to maintain a standard of excellence on the leading edge of LED Lighting Solutions.

Devoted to continuously investing in improving our products and developing our service at Airius Lighting, we aim to reach new heights in the LED lighting industry and provide our customers with the latest technology and solutions available.

We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer support and understand that when choosing a lighting provider, you need to have the confidence that they can deliver the necessary specialist expertise and experience for your project. As a result, the standards we set for product quality and service play a very important role in all our customer relationship and are the reason we have so many happy customers from all around the world.