Accessories for our destratification systems

Airius offer a range of accessories for our destratification systems so that you can customise your system to meet your building’s specific requirements.

Speed Controllers

All Airius systems are designed to operate on a 24/7 basis for maximum efficiency and come ‘plug and play’ as standard.

However, there may be installations where this is not applicable or more control is required. For these applications we provide a range of wall mounted variable on/off speed controllers.


Our speed controllers feature a speed control dial that is easy to operate and install in a variety of applications.

Please note that Airius Speed Controllers can only be installed onto circuits of the same Airius model.


speed controllers

Airius supplies the following types of speed controllers:

1 Amp Controller

The 1 Amp Controller is suitable for:

  • 13 x Airius Model 10’s
  • 10 x Airius Model 15’s
  • 5 x Airius Model 25’s
  • 4 x Airius Model 45/PS-4’s
  • 1 x Airius Model 45/PS-2
  • 2 x Airius Model Q50/PS-4’s
  • 1 x Airius Model 60

5 Amp Controller

The 5 Amp Controller is suitable for:

  • 67 x Airius Model 10’s
  • 53 x Airius Model 15’s
  • 25 x Airius Model 25’s
  • 20 x Airius Model 45/PS-4’s
  • 6 x Airius Model 45/PS-2’s
  • 11 x Airius Model Q50/PS-4’s
  • 6 x Airius Model 60’s

EC Controller

The EC Controller is suitable for:

  • Model 45/EC
  • Model 60/EC
  • Model 100
  • Model 125

The EC range of Airius speed controllers is not limited by fan quantity.

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