Considerable Energy Savings for Churches

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Heating makes up the bulk of energy costs for the majority of churches and religious buildings. Problems with inadequate heating and insulation, together with high ceilings and rising energy costs makes this a key issue for most Church, Mosque and Synagogue communities.

Airius award winning destratification technology significantly reduces these heating costs, whilst increasing comfort levels for congregations by gently recirculating the heat which rises to the ceiling back down to the floor, keeping the heat where you need it and reducing heaing system running costs by 30% on average.

The warmest place in most buildings of worship is at the ceiling, where heat rises and accumulates, leaving key areas such as the pews insufficiently heated. In most cases this heat then escapes through the roof because of poor insulation and leaky, antiquated roof structures. This has the effect of not only leaving the congregation, especially the elderly, feeling cold despite the heating being on (often at full capacity), but this also costs much more than is necessary to effectively heat the building.

Airius destratification fans are designed to continuously recycle and recirculate this rising heat back down to the floor through a narrow column of air, which avoids causing any uncomfortable draughts. It then spreads out in 360° throughout the space, blanketing along the floor and underneath any obstructions, before rising up again to be recirculated.

This reduces heating and cooling costs and CO₂ emissions by up to 30%, in some cases significantly more, making it the ideal solution to improve the comfort levels in your place or worship, whilst significantly reducing your energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Airius Church Installations

  • All Saints Church – Surrey
  • Christ Church – Greater Manchester
  • Comrie Parish Church – Perthshire
  • Coylton Church – South Ayrshire
  • John Pounds Memorial Church – Hampshire
  • Richmond Methodist Church – North Yorkshire
  • John the Baptist Church – Kent
  • Mark’s Church – Manchester
  • Mary’s Church – Essex
  • Michael’s Archangel – Bristol
  • Peter & All Hallows – Somerset
  • Whiteshill Evangelical Church – Gloucestershire
  • All Saints Church – Kent
  • Christ Church – Somerset
  • Corpus Christi Church – Berkshire
  • Hugglescote Parish Church – Leicestershire
  • James the Less – Gloucestershire
  • Laurence Church – Kent
  • Mary’s Church – Kent
  • Mary’s Church – Kent
  • Paul’s Church – London
  • United Church – Kent

Selected Client List


Client Testimonials


All Saints Church – Standford – UK

“We are a very small rural church with an ancient oil-fired heating system. The spiders living in the apex of the roof were very cosy but the congregation was freezing. Airius fans seemed to be a possible solution. We have now gone through our first winter with the fans in place. The temperature in the church with the fans running is more even, the church feels warmer now that we “harvest” all that heat in the roof and the fans are very economical to run. We have kept the congregation from freezing and managed to reduce the boiler burning time by about 25%. We think the Airius product speaks for itself.”

Peter Hill – Director of Facilities – All Saints Church


John Pounds Church

“I know from my own experience that the fans work exceptionally well pushing the heat back down to where the people are! The Airius fans have eliminated hot and cold spots making the area more comfortable for our visitors. Airius were a pleasure to deal with!”

Janet Ayres – Facility Manager


Richmond Methodist Church

“We decided to use Airius destratification fans to improve efficiency, draw down warm air from the 8 metre high roof space in winter and also circulate air during the summer. We had double glazed all external windows to reduce traffic noise, which had reduced air movement resulting in internal temperature rising to uncomfortable levels in summer. By installing the Airius fans we have managed to improve the ventilation air flow within the church giving excellent results. The noise generated by the Airius fan units is minimum and very acceptable! ”

Peter White – Church Property Steward

Grants & Funding

There are numerous Grant and Funding schemes available to help make buildings of worship in the UK more energy efficient. From the ‘Lottery Fund’ and the ‘European Regional Development Fund’ (ERDF), to more specialised and local schemes such as the ‘H.B. Allen Charitable Trust’ and the ’John Ellerman Foundation.’

Below is a shortlist of organisations and resources that can help you source the right fund for making your building of worship more affordable and energy efficient.


ChurchCare is the Church of England’s national resource centre supporting over 16,000 parish churches and 42 cathedrals. Through their environmental campaign ‘Shrinking The Footprint’ ChurchCare aim to help enable Churches nationwide address the issues of climate change.

ChurchCare is the comprehensive source of information for everyone managing a church building, featuring a list of 70+ Grant & Funding schemes available.

See more at


The Eco Muslim

The Eco Muslim is part of a green effort to make our community on Earth that tiny bit purer to live in. Or at least, a wee bit sparklier for the day after tomorrow.

Working with some of the world’s leading people to grow the branches between ‘green’ faith and social action, the Eco Muslim website features a wealth of information and resources on implementing energy reduction initiatives as well as helpful guides, such as the ‘Green Mosque Guide.’

See more at


The Big Green Jewish Campaign

The Big Green Jewish Website is the home of the climate change campaign of the UK Jewish community. We campaign to raise awareness about environmental issues. Our aim is to educate about climate change and empower people to make changes in their lives that will make a difference to the world.

See more at

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