Huge Energy Savings in the Manufacturing Sector

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Architects, building owners and facility managers who work with large industrial buildings are under growing pressure to seek solutions which not only save energy and money, but also help achieve their green business goals. In response to this Airius destratification systems are being increasingly turned to as the most cost effective method to reduce HVAC costs and carbon emissions by 20% – 50% (or more when used in facilities with process heat), whilst also ensuring comfortable conditions are maintained for staff in order to sustain productivity.

Features & Benefits

  • Increased staff productivity
  • Hugely improved comfort levels all year round
  • 40%+ reduction in heating costs
  • 25%+ reduction in cooling costs
  • 25% – 40% reduction in carbon emissions
  • Rapid ROI – Usually 12 – 24 months
  • Reduced machinery start up time
  • Reduced building heat up time
  • Condensation reduced or eliminated
  • Significantly reduced HVAC maintenance costs
  • Minimal running costs (from £6/pa)
  • Increases lighting lifespan
  • Recycles process heat enhancing savings
  • Eligable for carbon reducing grants/loans

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In winter months most industrial facilities are susceptible the cold, which reduces productivity, whilst in those buildings which are heated costs can increase significantly. As heating and/or cooling can account for over 50% of a buildings running costs in most cases, this represents a huge expense.

It is now recognised that stratification is the single largest waste of energy in buildings today and that destratification, which is recommended and endorsed by the Carbon Trust, is a low-cost, quick and simple means to reduce energy usage. By recycling and recirculating the heated or conditioned air in a building that has already been paid for, rather than letting it accumulate at the ceiling or escape through roof, windows or doors, workload is dramatically reduced on HVAC systems reducing wear and maintenance.

Regardless of a building’s design or HVAC system; whether it has high or low ceilings, poor insulation, frequently opening doors or windows, radiant or infrared heating, an Airius destratificaion system will optimise comfort and productivity, whilst reducing your costs significantly.



“We installed the Airius system into the can assembly plant at our manufacturing site and I am very pleased with the results so far. The heating system in the building now comes on far less than it used to and the employees who work in this building are now much warmer. The overall savings taking into account lower temperatures and prices in winter 08/09 = 45.07%. The full cost of the Airius units is recouped within a matter of months – first winter savings of £62,251 measured against a total Airius system spend of £21,268!”

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Paul Mattin – Engineering Manager



“Since filing the Airius destratification system in our storage warehouse we have been able to maintain a constant and comfortable temperature for our staff, whilst also being able to switch one of our heaters off thus giving us a fantastic saving in heating costs!”

320px-Mondi.svgPaul Stewart – Health, Safety & Environmental Manager


Norco GRP Mouldings

“We now have Airius destratification fans in all of our main production facilities totalling 80,000 sq t. Each installation was carried out professionally and to an excellent standard, with the minimum of interruption to our very busy manufacturing facilities. The main benefits for us are vastly improved air circulation, balance of temperature throughout the buildings, low running costs, silent and stress free operation and of course a fantastic saving on our gas utility bill per annum. I would highly recommend Airius systems for all factory and warehouse environments.”

norco-logo-450-RGB copyMark Northy – Managing Director


GD Laser Ltd

“With all that heated air now being pushed back down, not only can the thermostat temperature be lowered considerably but the heater itself kicks in much less. Having burnt our way through 6,000 litres of oil in the first five weeks or so, the same heater assisted by just three Airius fans, on average now uses about 3,000 litres – for the whole year!”


Roger Hewlett – Production Manager

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