Case Study: British Telecom – Doncaster Call Centre

BT installed 64 Airius model 45 fan units into their Doncaster call centre to improve comfort levels, increase staff productivity and save on energy costs.

This performance report shows that with the Airius system temperatures at floor level are an average of 2.9°C higher than those supplied by the HVAC system alone. This is achieved by recirculating the warm air that accumulates at ceiling level above the HVAC air intake. It has also reduced the buildings overall heat loss. The thermostat has now been reduced by approximately 3°C whilst still achieving originally set conditions, thus reducing overall energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Download full case study for British Telecom

Key Points:

  • 9˚C – Temp increase at floor level
  • System = 64 x Model 45/PS-4’s
  • 0˚C – mean temp – Airius system off
  • 9˚C – mean temp – Airius system on

BT Doncaster 1short

BT Doncaster 0

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