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A cool environment is crucial in many industries, however cooling costs are often very costly. In their report ‘Building the Future Today’ The Carbon Trust found that in the UK air conditioning and cooling costs can account for up to 50% of a building’s total energy consumption. In warmer climates these costs can be significantly more. Airius destratification systems will enable your company to save between 20% – 40% on the costs of cooling for your building.


Does air conditioning account for a significant proportion of your energy costs?

Does air conditioning account for a significant proportion of your energy costs? This could be an indicator of thermal stratification, which is when temperatures are not balanced in your building. In many industries, cooling systems such as air conditioning are a necessity as they increase staff productivity and allow customers to browse comfortably for longer periods. With increasing energy costs and changing legislation, it is important that you ensure your building is energy efficient.

Thermal stratification will be costing your organisation substantial sums of money every year and contribute to a far higher carbon footprint of your building than is necessary. If you have noticed inconsistent temperatures and/or hot and cold spots in your building, you may need an Airius destratification system.

The cost-effective solution

Airius destratification systems are the most effective and versatile destratification solutions on the market. Our systems will circulate any cool air supplied evenly throughout the space of your building. This even spread of cool air will eliminate hot and cold spots and improve comfort levels.

After installation, your air conditioning and cooling systems could work up to 40% more efficiently in cooling your building.

General wear and tear on your cooling system will be vastly reduced as the system will no longer be overdriven to provide a stable temperature; carbon emissions, running costs and energy consumption will also be considerably reduced. In addition, our systems will also reduce condensation, damp and fogging on chilled/freezer cabinets.


Airius have provided effective cooling destratification systems for customers in many different sectors.

Read how Genentech benefitted from Airius destratification system and passed relevant government testing.

Cooling applications

If your building has a cooling system and a ceiling height ranging from 2.5 to 38 metres, your building will benefit from Airius destratification systems.

Even those buildings without cooling systems will feel the benefits of a fresher environment and the natural cooling effect of moving air during summer months.

“The Airius units have allowed us to increase our thermostats from 19°C to 23.5°C resulting in a saving of over 70% on our cooling costs!

We are very impressed with the results Airius fans have achieved in our ten pin bowling centre at Nantgarw in South Wales. The atmosphere inside has been greatly improved reducing staff & customer comfort complaints by 90%. The Airius system has far exceeded our expectations & will now be the standard equipment for all our 18 bowling centres in the UK.”

Ben Carne – Energy Manager, Bowlplex



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