Destratification From Airius


Based in the UK Airius is a company that is always committed in providing our customers with huge savings to their energy. Formed in 2004 we are revolutionising the industry and become one of the leading providers for thermal destratification fans. With an extensive background for quality control and well known clients as Boots, British airways and many more,all of them are impressed with the level of work we provided, Airius is becoming the leading destratification fan manufacturers in the UK.

Heating your building the traditional way often leads to thermal stratification, this is the process of heat raising up past the lighter surrounding cold air causing a very weighted scale when it comes to hot and cold. A way to fix tis is the installation of thermal destratification fans in your business without them, ventilation systems and air conditioning systems will be working in overdrive to try and regulate and maintain an even temperature.

With this method a company can be spending a lot of money in order to keep this balance all while the heat generated remains at the top of your building. So with our thermal destratification fans heat can be distributed evenly around the building, hot air is then transferred down an invisible air column and creating a perfect balance.

With your thermal destratification fans now installed It will cost less to heat your building as none of the generated heat will be going to waste, you will see savings anywhere from 20% to 50% in your energy costs. While saving large amounts of money you are also reducing your CO2 emissions and leading by example for other companies to follow in your footsteps.

Reinforcing our high quality of work and professional practice in the trade, comes from our customers resonating our outstanding work. Companies such as Bowlplex have achieved an increased in temperatures from 18 degrees up to a comfortable 25 degrees, all while including a massive saving of over 70% in energy usage. The feedback they provided told us that we exceed their expectations and went on to install these thermal destratification fans as standard equipment for all their 18 bowling centres in the UK.

Thermal destratification fans can be fitted and installed to any building, old or new, big or small Airius is flexible and adapts to any job that comes to us but while being flexible we always aim to keep our customers covered, that’s why with the Airius guarantee we offer an un-matched money back guarantee of up to 120 days no questions asked.

If you are feeling the heat or the lack of it in your building, then contact us for any enquires today. Thermal destratification fans are designed to save you energy and with Airius that is our number one priority.

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