Horticultural LED Light – Babylon

With Airius horticultural lighting you can grow larger, more flavourful crops in less time, using less space than traditional greenhouses. Babylon luminaires are built for the most demanding cultivation environments and are among the most efficient grow lighting systems available, enabling growers to produce faster bloom cycles and higher yields while driving down operating costs.



Airius Babylon Energy Efficient Horticultural LED Lighting — technical specification:


— Light Source: Lumileds / Osram Mid-Power LED

— IP Rating:  IP66

— Wavelength:  Fully Customisable

— Lamp Life:  45,000 Hours

— PPF: Variable (min 270 μmol/S)

— PPFD:  Up to 1200 μmol/m2/S

— PE:  2.35 – 2.62 μmol/J

— Wattage: 65W – 650W

— Warranty:  5 years


Our Babylon agricultural LEDs deliver an impressive photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) – up to 1200 micromoles per square metre per second (μmol/m2/S).


This shows how much instantaneous PAR the light delivers and gives you an indication of the impact these LED grow lights will have on your production.


Without the correct wavelengths, your LED lights will not produce the desired results. Our Babylon lighting system gives you complete control over the wavelength that your lights produce.


You can fully customise the photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) within the 400 to 700 nanometer range. This gives you the flexibility to fine-tune the growth rate, nutrition profile, flowering cycle and flavour of your produce. Simply by using different light recipes you can produce different crops according to the demands of your customers.


As with all Airius products, our goal is to achieve more output with less energy. Our Babylon agricultural lights are no different and deliver class-leading energy efficiency in a robust form factor.


With a high degree of photon efficiency (PE), your Babylon LED lights deliver more photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) while drawing less power. This means you can achieve greater yields within your existing facility while also driving down the cost of production.


The Babylon series of LED lights is designed to withstand the pressures of commercial growing operations. With IP66 rated enclosures, you can be confident that your Airius LED lights will provide many seasons of sustained growth.


IP66 rating means that the entire light unit is completely water and dust tight, so it can withstand being installed in a wet or humid environment, such as a grow room, without suffering any adverse effects.


Do you need support with the installation and set-up of your Babylon agricultural lights? The Airius Electrical team has many decades of experience with Airius products, and we can help you get the best return from your investment.


With our own fleet of access equipment, Airius Electrical can install your Babylon LED lights sooner rather than later.


Horticultural LED lights are ideal for a huge range of produce. By using LED lights in controlled environments, you can maximise crops while eliminating many of the variables that blight traditional farming, such as pests, drought, flooding and inconsistent light levels.


Babylon agricultural LED lights are perfect for growing fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers on any scale. They can be deployed in small grow rooms and vast warehouses. The ability to fine-tune the light output means you can continually optimise the quantity and the quality of your produce.


Airius LED lights are loaded with unique technology and premium components. Benefits of choosing Airius include:


— Reduces lighting costs by 90%

— Improves growing environment

— 5-year warranty

— up to 1200 μmol/m2/S PPFD

— Latest LED chips

— Mean Well premium drivers

— Customisable optics

— IP66 rated for water and dust protection

— Folded-fin heatsinks for longer life

— Reduces CO2 emissions

— Low-maintenance design

— Easy installation

— Standalone setup – or BMS integration

— Control by wireless, timer, motion or daylight

— Carbon-grant eligible




Your Babylon LED luminaires can be paired with Airius dimmer systems to give you the perfect output for any produce. This allows you to manage your energy costs while also providing your plants with the optimal light to fuel their growth.


Babylon LED lights offer both 0-10V and DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) dimmer compatibility.


Babylon LED lights are compatible with the Airius Daylight and Motion Sensor System. This gives you the peace of mind that your lighting system will always perform when you need it, without wasting energy.


Using the latest PIR (passive infrared) sensors and photocell technology, Airius Daylight and Motion Sensors are adaptable to a wide range of environments and applications. They can be installed as either hard-wired or wireless, making them ideal for both new build and retrofits.


Babylon LED luminaires can be equipped with a range of optics, from narrowly-focused beam angles to wide colour projection. This ensures that your Airius lights deliver the right quantity and quality of light to the correct zones in your grow facility.


Using primary and secondary lenses, as well as premium reflector optics for maximum efficiency, Titan range luminaires perform brilliantly for a wide range of crops.


Babylon LED lights can be customised to suit your space. This is ideal for growing facilities that are designed to be seen – or branded spaces that want to maintain aesthetic standards.


Simply specific your desired RAL colour code when you place your order. Your lights will be painted at our UK facility before being shipped. Depending on the size of your order, requesting non-standard colours may increase the lead time.



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