LED Office Light – Aristotle

Powerful and compact, the Aristotle range is designed for open offices or retail applications, or any installation with a dropped or suspended ceiling grid. Featuring a combination of proprietary thermal management technology, elegant aesthetics and precision optics, the Aristotle Series is ideal for applications requiring high output and uniform light, while requiring minimal maintenance.



Airius Aristotle edge lit LED panel lights — technical specification:


— Light Source:  Non-replaceable LED module

— IP Rating:  IP40

— Light Colour:  2700K-6500K

— Lamp Life:  50,000 Hours

— Lumens: 3,480–4,480 lm

— Efficacy: 108 – 116 lm/W

— Wattage:  30W – 40W

— Beam angles: 120°+

— Warranty:  5 years


Aristotle LED lights deliver an impressive efficacy of 116 lumens per watt. Their proprietary heatsink design means they stay cool, even when operating at full capacity for extended periods – which also helps to enhance their life span.


While using sensors with fluorescent lights reduces the bulb’s efficacy and lifespan and also increases their energy consumption, Airius LED lights are not affected by frequent stops and starts. This means you can use your lights only when they are needed, and still benefit from the remarkable energy efficiency and extraordinary lifespan of these units.


Our Aristotle range of LED panel lights provides high quality light for any environment. While fluorescent lights scatter light crudely in every direction, LEDs direct light in a single direction. This makes their light far easier to diffuse, using far simpler surrounds and reflectors.


Fluorescent lights are known for their flickering, headache-inducing glare and persistent humming, but Airius LED lights are silent, consistent and dimmable.


Aristotle LED panel lights can easily replace your existing panel lights, whether you are using fluorescent or CFL units.


And in new build settings, Aristotle LED panels can be fitted into standard panel ceilings with just a few clicks. Aristotle panels are available in a range of standard panel sizes, including 600 x 600mm, 1200 x 600mm and 1200 x 300mm.


Aristotle LED panel lights offer impact protection up to the IK06 standard. This means that your LED lights can withstand impacts of up to 1 joule.


This level of impact protection ensures your Aristotle lights can be safely deployed in a wide range of professional and commercial settings, without being damaged by the kind of minor bumps and knocks that are typical in daily use.


With an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours, your Aristotle LED light panels are highly cost effective. This estimate far exceeds equivalent fluorescent lights, and reduces the time and cost of maintenance.


The simple, elegant design of our Aristotle LED panel also means they cannot trap dust or insects. In comparison to fluorescent tubes, which need complex louvres and reflectors to create a consistent ambiance – perfect for trapping flies and dust.


Airius Electrical offer a complete installation service. Our team can work closely with your facility managers or engineers to ensure a fast and efficient installation that makes minimal impact on your guests, customers or colleagues.


With our own fleet of high level access equipment, Airius Electrical can typically accelerate the installation process while maintaining high levels of safety and professionalism. Our close partnership with Airius means that we understand how to optimise the installation of your LED lights and deliver the most effective and energy-efficient set-up possible.


Aristotle LED panel lights are suited to a wide range of dropped or suspended ceiling grids – at both high and low-levels. Aristotle lights are ideal for offices, workshops, schools, libraries and retail outlets.


Aristotle LED panels can be installed with dimmer switches and a variety of sensors, making them ideal for environments that see occasional occupancy, or which have specific lighting needs. And their remarkable energy efficiency makes them ideal for large settings that would otherwise incur excessive energy costs.


Airius LED lights are loaded with unique technology and premium components. Benefits of choosing Airius include:


— Reduces lighting costs by 90%

— Improves environment through better illumination

— 5-year warranty

— Up to 116 lumen/watt efficacy

— Philips LED chips

— Mean Well premium drivers

— Customisable optics

— IP40 rated for water and dust protection

— Folded-fin heatsinks for longer life

— Reduces CO2 emissions

— Low-maintenance design

— Easy installation

— Standalone setup – or BMS integration

— Control by wireless, timer, motion or daylight

— Carbon-grant eligible




Airius Dimmer systems are fully compatible with all Airius LED Lighting Systems, including the Aristotle Office LED Lighting Series. Available in 0-10V and DALI options to suit your unique application. Specifically designed to be compatible with all Airius LED Lighting systems, Airius Dimmer accessories provide full dimming capability, but without the frustrating flicker and flashing associated with competing dimmer systems.


Effective dimmer systems are crucial to any commercial environment. Having the capability to fine tune your lighting system to enhance productivity, mood or appearance is essential. You can also make significant savings on your lighting costs by reducing overall energy consumption.



By adding an Airius Daylight and Motion Sensor System to your Aristotle LED Office Lighting installation ensures lighting is only used when needed. Using the latest PIR (Passive Infrared) Sensor and Photocell technology, Airius Daylight and Motion Sensors can be installed for either hardwired or wireless setup. This makes them ideal for both new build and retrofit applications.


Compatible with all Airius Lighting Systems, Airius Daylight and Motions Sensors are adaptable to suit any application, acting as a key component to reducing lighting system energy costs.


Office LED Lights from the Aristotle Series can be selected with an optional microwave sensor, optimising energy efficiency by only using lighting when needed. Using movement to automatically manage operation not only adds convenience, but also helps ensure long LED life.


Microwave sensor technology is more accurate at detecting motion in comparison to PIR Sensors and units can be configured to provide a wide range of lighting outputs when triggered. Integrated photocell technology also offers additional daylight sensitivity, which can be set to dictate automatic operation in the presence or absence of pre-set lighting levels.


Office LED Lights in the Airius Aristotle Series, like all Airius Lighting Systems, come wide a wide range of optics available. From narrow focused beam angles to wide colour projection, Airius Optics can be tailored to suit any application and are specially designed to reduce stray wasted light and eliminate glare. This ensures that light is only projected where needed and avoids concerns of light pollution.


Incorporating primary and secondary lenses, as well as top of the range reflector optics for maximum efficiency, Optics from the Airius range ensure you get the highest efficiency and performance from your lighting system.


The warmth and coolness of LED colour temperature can have a huge impact on illuminated spaces. It can dramatically change the look, feel and mood of a space.  Achieving the ideal temperature not only creates the right atmosphere and design, but can also lead to improved staff productivity and increased customer browse times.


Airius Lighting Systems are available in a wide range of colour temperatures, from bright white lighting perfect for workplaces and retail outlets, to warmer yellow illuminations ideal for homes and yachts. Office LED Lights in the Airius Aristotle Series are available from a cool 2700K right up to daylight levels of 6500K.


The Aristotle Series of Office LED Lighting is available with RGB LEDs, providing a huge choice of colours to suit your unique application.


Whether it’s to illuminate a dynamic, energised environment, or a cool relaxing space, the Airius Aristotle Series of Office Lighting is the perfect solution to all your interior lighting requirements.


All Airius LED Lighting Systems come as seen in the product photography shown on the website as standard. But for those installations where unit colour and aesthetics are a factor, Airius LED Lighting Systems can be RAL colour match painted to suit your unique application.


Simply specify your desired RAL colour code when you order and the units are process painted at our UK warehouse, quality checked and delivered to you in your bespoke colour. Depending upon the size of the order adding colour options can increase delivery time.


During emergencies, your lighting system plays an important role in ensuring the safety of customers, staff and residents. They illuminate escape routes and exits, ensuring people are led to areas of safety as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a result, all Airius Lighting Systems come with options to install as part of an emergency lighting system, in accordance with The British Standards Institution BS 5266-1 code of practice for emergency lighting.


This makes sure that even in the event of a power failure or poor visibility during an emergency, you can rely on an Airius Lighting System to illuminate routes to safety.



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