Titan Tri Proof LED Light from Airius

Heavy Duty LED Tri Proof – Titan

The Titan range of tubular tri-proof lighting is a highly versatile, low-profile and rugged designed unit with IP69K weather protection resistance and IK06 - IK10 impact rating (depending on the model). The Titan Series can deliver up to an impressive 150 lumens per watt, while remaining eco-friendly and energy efficient, without compromising on unit quality or performance.



Airius Titan highly durable Tri Proof LED Lighting — technical specification:


— Light Source:  2835 SDCM<5 (SDCM<3 option)

— IP Rating:  IP69

— Light Colour:  3000K – 6500K

— Lamp Life:  100,000 Hours

— Lumens:  3,000–7,200 lm

— Efficacy:  150 lm/W

— Wattage:  20W – 48W

— Beam angles:  60° – 120°

— Warranty:  5 years


Titan Heavy Duty LED Tri Proof lights are tested to the IP69K standard. This goes one step beyond standard IP69 testing, which ensures the light enclosure is completely dust, vapour and water-proof and tests the durability of the units under extreme conditions. Specifically, these LED lights can withstand direct water jets from a pressure washer.


This makes Titan Heavy Duty LED Tri-Proof lights ideal for unpredictable locations, industrial environments, exposed conditions, or any setting where the lights may be subjected to wet weather, dust or atmospheric pollution.


Titan Heavy Duty LED Tri Proof lights also offer impact protection up to the IK10 standard. This means that your LED lights can withstand impacts between 1 and 20 joules. The IK10 rating means these lights have been tested to survive impacts equivalent to a 5kg mass dropped from 400mm.


This level of impact protection ensures your Titan lights can be deployed in a range of challenging environments where they may be exposed to physical knocks and flying debris.


Specify your Titan LED lights with either clear or frosted diffusers. Clear diffusers allow more light to pass through, but may leave the LEDs more visible as individual light sources.


Frosted diffusers can help to blend the light in a setting with multiple LED luminaires operating alongside each other, and can be used to create a warmer, softer environment.


The Titan series of LED luminaires combines leading energy efficiency with robust protection in an elegant package.


Our Titan range is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, while supporting the aesthetic integrity of your built environment. Titan lights contribute to safe, productive spaces without drawing attention to their installations.


These powerful LED luminaires deliver impressive efficacy with remarkable efficiency. Titan LED lights can produce as much as 120 lumens per watt.


With Titan LED lights you can achieve the level of brightness that is required for safety, comfort and productivity, while also reducing your energy costs. LED lights use significantly less energy than traditional fluorescent or halogen luminaires – and they have significantly longer lifespans. In addition to lower energy bills, you can spend less on maintenance and replacements bulbs and housings.


Airius Electrical can install your Titan LED lights and ensure they are implemented in the most effective manner.


With a highly experienced team and our own fleet of high level access equipment, Airius Electrical can accelerate the lead time from order to installation. Our close partnership with Airius means we know how to get the best results from your LED lights.


Titan LED lights are ideal for a wide range of demanding environments, including:


– Cold storage (-30C / +40C)

– Chemical plants (non-corrosive)

– Leisure centres and swimming pools

– Airports

– Train stations

– Wine cellars

– Storage facilities


Airius LED lights are loaded with unique technology and premium components. Benefits of choosing Airius include:


— Reduces lighting costs by 90%

— Improves environment through better illumination

— 5-year warranty

— Up to 150 lumen/watt efficacy

— 2835 SDCM<5 (SDCM<3 option) LED Chips

— Mean Well premium drivers

— Customisable optics

— IP69K rated for water & dust protection

— IK06 – IK10 rated for impact protection

— Folded-fin heatsinks for longer life

— Reduces CO2 emissions

— Low-maintenance design

— Easy installation

— Standalone setup – or BMS integration

— Control by wireless, timer, motion or daylight

— Carbon-grant eligible




Your Titan LED luminaires can be paired with Airius dimmer systems to give you the perfect output for any season or occasion, as well as options to optimise the energy efficiency of your lighting. Titan lights offer both 0-10V and DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) dimmer compatibility.


Many fluorescent lights cannot be dimmed easily or effectively, leaving you with a binary choice between on or off. LED lighting gives you complete control over the ambience of your environment.


Titan LED lights are compatible with the Airius Daylight and Motion Sensor System. This gives you the peace of mind that your lighting system will always perform when you need it, without wasting energy.


Using the latest PIR (passive infrared) sensors and photocell technology, Airius Daylight and Motion Sensors are adaptable to a wide range of environments and applications. They can be installed as either hard-wired or wireless, making them ideal for both new build and retrofits.


Titan LED lights can be fitted with internal microwave sensors to give you accurate occupant-sensing.


Microwave sensors are ideal for large spaces and environments with unusual shapes, or any installation that would benefit from greater accuracy in sensing. Microwave sensors typically outlast traditional PIR sensors.


Titan LED luminaires can be equipped with a range of optics, from narrowly-focused beam angles to wide colour projection. This ensures that your Airius lights deliver the right quantity and quality of light to the correct zones in your buildings.


Using primary and secondary lenses, as well as premium reflector optics for maximum efficiency, Titan range luminaires perform brilliantly in a wide range of challenging environments.


You can specify Titan LED luminaires in a wide spectrum of colour temperatures, from bright white to warm yellow tones. Titan lights are available in a cool 4000k, typically used in offices and commercial applications, through to daylight-equivalent 6500k.


Choosing the right colour temperatures ensures that your workspace is comfortable and conducive to productivity, without tiring the eyes of your colleagues. Getting the colour temperature right can also increase customer dwell times and support the design and branding of your business.


Titan LED lights can be customised to suit your space. This is ideal for sensitive architectural installations, branded environments and any space in which consistency and design are crucial.


Simply specific your desired RAL colour code when you place your order. Your lights will be painted at our UK facility before being shipped. Depending on the size of your order, requesting non-standard colours may increase the lead time.


Titan LED lights can be used as part of your emergency lighting system, and configured to guide your occupants to safety in the event of an emergency, such as a fire or flood.


All Airius LED lights can be installed in accordance with the British standard for emergency lighting systems (BS 5266-1) so they illuminate exits and routes to safety.



View and download the Airius LED Lighting Products and Solutions Brochure:


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