Sapphire Series - The Dual Purpose Cooling & Destratification Fan

The new Airius Sapphire Series has been designed to be an extremely cost-effective cooling solution, producing more air movement over our Standard ranges to provide cooling and increased air circulation, while still offering the all the award winning features and benefits of Airius destratification fans.

Developed with our top of the range Model 100, EBM Papst motor at its heart, the Sapphire Series has a shorter, cylindrical body with a re-engineered air delivery mechanism, enabling wider air flow distribution than our Standard systems. The Sapphire Series is capable of supplying centreline air velocities of up to 3.2+ metres per second (@10 metres) and can discharge 1,600 litres of air per second, but comes with full 0-100% speed control capability allowing you to adjust the air speed in your facility to your preferred or optimal level, instantly.

At only 300mm long, 450mm in diameter and weighing just 15 kgs the compact dimensions of the Sapphire Series means just a single or small number of units can offer huge amounts of air flow. Suitable for spaces with ceiling heights up to 23 metres high the Sapphire Series is supplied in an off-white colour, however units can be custom painted to match any RAL colour code.

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