How many Airius systems have been sold to date?

What is the typical rate of stratification from floor to ceiling?

When do you start saving?

How does the Airius system work with cooling?

Can I link the units to a thermostat or timer?

What is the optimum mounting height?

How does the Airius system work in temperature sensitive product storage areas?

Will you arrange installation?

Do you charge to carry out an onsite survey?

How much can I expect to save on heating?

How do Airius units equalise the temperature with such a low airflow rate?

How do Airius units achieve destratification with so little energy?

Can I install Airius units alongside radiant heating systems?

How do I position the Airius units using radiant heating systems?

What effect do roller shutter doors have?

How much do Airius units cost to run?

What happens if a unit fails inside the 3 year warranty period?

What happens if a unit fails outside of the warranty period?

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