Airius Destratification Systems

About Airius Europe Ltd Destratification Fans

We are a UK based company that is committed to saving our customers huge amounts of money through our revolutionary thermal destratification systems. Our destratification systems will help to reduce energy costs in your building by an average of 35% as well as significantly improve comfort levels.

Thermal stratification is a leading cause of energy loss in many buildings as most heating or cooling systems will fail to evenly cover your entire building. This ineffective channelling of heating/cooling results in higher energy costs for your business.

Airius Destratification Fan Systems

Formed in 2004, we have revolutionised the industry with our market leading thermal destratification systems, which have helped balance the internal temperatures in many public and commercial buildings. As testament to the efficiency of the Airius system, we have quickly built up an extensive and prestigious client base including well-known brands like Boots, British Airways, Mercedes, Morrisons, and many more.

Airius will help you cut costs with our thermal destratification systems, which recirculates accumulated warm air collected at the top of a building back down to the ground through an invisible column of air. This is then redistributed at floor level, recycling the heat which you have already supplied to the space, reducing the output and workload on your heating system.

It also works with cooling. By continuously circulating the heavier and denser cooled air evenly throughout the space in its entirety, it eliminates hot and cold spots and ensures conditions are balanced for all.

When you choose Airius, you will be investing in the most effective thermal destratification system available on the market with an average ROI of between 8 – 18 months. Airius are also the only destratification fan supplier in the world to offer an unrivalled 120 day money back guarantee (terms and conditions apply).

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