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About Airius Destratification Fans

Airius has been saving energy for our customers since 2004

The Smart Way To Save Energy

From our base in Dorset, UK, we help businesses and public sector organisations to improve the comfort of their environment while providing a significant reduction in energy bills.

Both our destratification and air purification fans are packed with high-quality components and proprietary designs to achieve class-leading efficacy and efficiency.

Only Airius products deliver this level of performance and savings. And this is why so many leading businesses choose Airius to help them improve comfort and reduce energy costs, including British Airways, Harrods, Mercedes, Siemens, Morrisons and Waitrose.

The world’s best-selling destratification fans

Airius is dedicated to engineering, designing and manufacturing appliances that transform environments. We do this through a combination of original research and development, sourcing the finest components, and supporting our products with extended warranties.

Our patented multi-vane stator technology, coupled with a German motor and a Venturi nozzle, means that Airius fans deliver unrivalled performance at a running cost as low as £24 per year.

About the Airius Destratification Fans Group

Active all-in-one air & surface purification systems

Airius has been leading the charge on technologies that make a difference to the air we breathe. And while these technologies offer hope in a post-pandemic world, they also offer a future in which seasonal coughs and colds do not circulate unchecked. Rather than accepting illness as a part of going to work, our air purification systems destroy bacteria and viral particles in the air.

Airius Air Purification systems use bipolar ionisation to sanitise the air and eliminate germs on surfaces. This safe, sustainable and renewable technology is based on naturally-occurring chemicals, creating a long-term solution to the challenge of improving health within commercial, residential and medical environments.

About the Airius Destratification Fans and Air Purification Systems Group

Local & nationwide electrical engineering services

In addition to our energy-saving destratification fans and air purification systems, we offer a complete electrical engineering service. Our experienced team has a wealth of experience in a wide range of commercial, industrial and retail settings, and has a fleet of high-level access equipment to reach even the loftiest ceilings.

Airius Electrical can also ensure that you get maximum value from your electrical appliances by installing them at the optimum position and fine-tuning settings to suit your space and work with your building control systems.

About the Airius Electrical Contracting Group