Airius Standard Series Destratification Fan System




Heating costs fall by 20% – 50%
Cooling costs fall by 20% – 40%
CO2 emissions fall by 20% – 50%
Kills 99% Germs, Bacteria & Viruses
Boosts comfort for visitors and workers

Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan System

The next evolution in destratification fan technology, providing power with performance.

Airius Standard Series Destratification Fan System

The world's most popular destratification fan, featuring industry leading technology.

Airius Designer Series Destratification Fan System

The discreet destratification fan solution for use in architecturally-sensitive locations.

Airius Suspended Series Destratification Fan System

Specially designed for dropped, false or suspended ceilings with seamless integration.

Airius Q Series Destratification Fan System

The ultra-quiet destratification fan with unique motor-mounting system.

Airius Retail Series Destratification Fan System

Small, light and easy to adapt, perfect for retail environments.

Airius Retail Aisle Series Destratification Fan System

Designed to meet the needs of retail aisles and spaces requiring an elongated airflow.

Airius Pearl Series Destratification Fan System

The compact destratification fan solution ideally suited to smaller spaces.

Airius Sapphire Series Destratification Fan System

For cooling projects and spaces where high level air movement is required.

Airius Diamond Series Destratification Fan System

Maximum air movement and cooling performance, incorporating next generation airflow delivery.

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"We installed the Airius system into the can assembly plant at our manufacturing site and I am very pleased with the results so far. The full cost of the Airius units is recouped within a matter of months – first winter savings of £62,251 measured against a total Airius system spend of £21,268!”

Paul Mattin – Engineering Manager

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- Impress Metal Packaging

"Airius fans have made a huge difference in bringing the heat from our air conditioning units down to ground level. The install team were great and have left us with a very neat system that compliments the rest of our facility. I would have no problems recommending Airius to anyone.”

Mark Bristow - Chief Operations Officer

- Oakwood Climbing Centre

"The Airius Electrical Contractors team installed 76 De-stratification fans in one of our sites in Filton. They all conducted themselves impeccably and the installation was of high quality. We were very impressed with their safe systems of work.”

Facilities Manager

- Rolls Royce

"Since installation the temperature on the A/C units have been reset at between 18 – 22°C with the 4 blowers on the low setting and 2 of these are turned off intermittently for approx. 2 – 4 hours per day. Staff on both floors commented on the lovely comfortable temperature in comparison to before the system was fitted."

Sean Browne - Dealer Principal

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- Newmarket Motors

"The destratification fans have proved a resounding success with perception of comfort being improved so that there is no need for localised heaters. The heating load has been reduced considerably, not just by the removal of the localised heating, but also through centralised plant which now maintains comfort levels where previously it had been incapable of doing so."

Matthew Murphy – ISTA Energy Solutions Ltd

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- Mercedes Benz (Watford)

“I confirm my order for a further 4 x model 25’s for use in our Tonbridge branch. The staff in Folkestone are very happy with the performance of the units there, the thermostat has been turned down way beyond the point that I thought was humanly possible! I will put pen to paper and write a letter as a satisfied customer.”

Nick Brewer – Director

- C. Brewer & Son

"The Airius system was installed during the summer whilst the AC system was closed down for servicing and we were happy to find the environment now comfortable without the AC running. This has now led to the entire AC system being decommissioned with a considerable reduction in electricity consumption."

Iain Calder – Property Director

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- Tiso Ltd

“The Airius units have proved a great success by balancing the heat profiles in the large office areas, particularly with the top floor, where the ceilings are very high. The complaints of cold spots have ceased. It has allowed the cut off temperatures to be controlled at a reduced level and may allow a further reduction still for the next heating season."

Nigel.D.Joyce MCIOB Dip.HI – Senior Building Surveyor

- British Waterways

"The main benefits for us are vastly improved air circulation, balance of temperature throughout the buildings, low running costs, silent and stress free operation and of course a fantastic saving on our gas utility bill per annum. I would highly recommend Airius systems for all factory and warehouse environments.”

Mark Northy – Managing Director

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- Norco Composites & GRP

"The National Star College is a residential further education college for students with disabilities. Because a lot of our students are in wheelchairs, they feel the cold more than an ambulant person. We do not have sub metering in this area, so energy savings cannot be quantified but rest assured, life is much better for our students and staff.”

David Crompton – Head of Estates

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- National Star College

"These have made a vast improvement to the internal atmosphere within the buildings and the public who use the facilities find the air quality greatly improved for sporting activities. The heating systems come on much less often and the complaints from swimmers about the warmth in the swimming pool area has reduced by 90%.“

James Dunn – Facilities Manager

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- Sixmile Leisure Centre

“We are very impressed with the results Airius fans have achieved in our ten pin bowling centre at Nantgarw in South Wales. The atmosphere inside has been greatly improved reducing staff & customer comfort complaints by 90%. They have also allowed us to increase our thermostats from 19°c to 23.5°c resulting in a saving of over 70% on our cooling costs.”

Ben Carne - Energy Manager

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- Bowlplex Plc

“We installed Airius fans into hangers at our Blackbushe Airport, Surrey and Oxford Airport sites with great success. At both facilities Airius fans units have made the working area much warmer for our aircraft technicians and the heaters are switching off a lot more often which has never happened before."

Paul Morrison – Facilities Manager

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- PremiAir Aviation International Ltd

“Gama Aviation are always looking for new initiatives and technologies to help reduce their energy consumption and contribute towards creating a sustainable future for all, and the Airius system has been an effective solution towards helping Gama Aviation achieve those goals."

Sean Hull – Engineering Operations Manager

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- Gama Aviation

“The Airius fans made an immediate and significant improvement even before the heating/cooling system upgrades had been completed, so much so that all complaints from staff ceased immediately and they were now comfortable enough to work in their t-shirts."

J Forge – Contract Manager – Gratte Brothers Group Ltd

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- British Airways – East Pen Hangar (Heathrow)

"We are very impressed with your air and surface purifiers and would like to order another one for our dining room.”

Mike Gay – Church Treasurer

- Bont Elim Community Church

“We have installed a number of Airius fans over the last couple of months and intend to continue to do so.

It has created an area of confidence among staff and patients that they are being protected. We have also noticed we have reduced our heating settings with the benefit of savings on energy costs.

Sean Penston - Director of Facilities

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- The Beacon Hospital

"The Airius fans have proved to be effective and do not dominate the space but fit easily into the hall; they are almost not noticeable whilst moving the air around the hall, creating air flow on hot, still days making the hall more comfortable to teach and learn in.“

Rod Seib - Director of Sport

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- Saint Stephens College

"Thank you for all your work this term in improving DG1. The addition of fans have greatly improved the working environment for staff and students making it much cooler and more comfortable, and it is something that I and the TAS team appreciate. "

Paul Berecry - Facilities Manager

- Pittwater House School

"May I thank you again for your professionalism in the way you completed the contract for installation of 126 DE Strat fans here in Prescot. Your dealings with us from first contact after we got project approval have been exemplary. We would be happy for you to use this testimonial for reference with your senior management & potential customers.”

Phil Harris – Manufacturing Director

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- Glen Dimplex

"Current overall store energy savings are running in summer at around 30% and winter at around 8% plus a two degree temperature increase.”

Engineering Contractor

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- Major Australasian Retailer

"The Airius system has been in operation for six months now. We are more than happy with the results. The space is a lot more usable in the hotter summer months. We have received great feedback from both the school PE department and also external hirers. High intensity sport is played in the gym now with a lot more comfort."

Keith Stevenson - Facilities Manager

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- SCEGGS School Sports Facility

"Installing the Destratification Fans was a first for us and addressed a need to improve the working environment of the pool-side staff. The fans were straightforward to install through our M&E contractor A McKay & Co. Now that the system is running in co-ordination with the air handling plant this has been achieved successfully."

David Hamer – Maintenance Surveyor

- Midlothian Council

"Excellent quick turnaround, the destratification fans were installed within a day.

Thank you.”

Facilities Manager

- NHS (National Health Service)

"The Airius units are quite remarkable as they create a system of cooling air circulation, they are easy to install and easy to maintain and great value as well. You have a great product, provide great service and excellent value, ease of installation and ease of operation.”

David Jordan - Manager

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- YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association)

"After installing two Airius fans and experiencing the immediate difference to the comfort level in the bar, we were very impressed. Looking forward to seeing how they perform in summer, and we are planning to install more of the units around the building..”

Sam Slaney - Distillery Manager

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- Starward Whiskey Distillery

"The Airius units seem to be working well and the pool surrounds feel much cooler and better."

David Jordan - Manager

- Pacific Pines Pool & Spa Services

"I spoke to the high school PE teacher (major user of the stadium) & they are finding the Airius Fans really good, especially in summer!"

Helen Mathew (FRAIA)

- Mount Beauty Sports Centre

"5 Airius Standard Series Model 25 units were used to effectively cool down the areas surrounding the MLC Swimming Pool."

Mark Winstanley - MLC Facility Manager

- Methodist Ladies College

"The compact Airius fan unit is fantastic! It produces a column of downward air that doesn't disturb nearby pendants; is super compact, very unobtrusive and looks better than a normal blade fan; removes any chance of "strobing" where a downlight can be seen through fan blades when they rotate; and is great for tall ceiling heights.

Andrew Sypkens - Architect

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- Centrum Architects

"The Airius Fans certainly have made a big difference and improved comfort during the various functions we have at the centre. He indicated that one of the great benefits of the Fans is that since installation there have been no complaints about the overheating and there is much appreciation of having the areas cooler”.

Contract Manager

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- Green Point Christian College

“We installed Airius destratification fans in our distribution department. Prior to this, in winter the difference between temperatures at floor and roof level was approximately 5-6 degrees C. The difference now is approximately 1-2 degrees C and has resulted in a reduction of approximately 25% in our gas consumption.”

Martin Kelly – Facilities Manager

- Traidcraft Plc

“The units were simple and fast to install. Were delighted to find that the temperature difference between ground and roof had improved from around 5°C to just 0.5°C proving their effectiveness.”

Andy Pryer – Quality Manager

- CT Production

“Airius destratification fans were installed after some consultation works with the Carbon Trust. The installation of these fans is simple. The effectiveness is felt immediately. We were able to reduce the running times of our warm air heating system dramatically yet still retain a comfortable environment for staff and customers. A worthwhile investment!”

Ian Whitelaw – Director

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- Arnold Clark Autos

"These fans are a great success in our church and I have demonstrated them to several representatives of other churches. One of them will be in touch soon. I am advocating air source + Airius destratification and may well do a paper for the churchwardens in our Diocese!"

John Torbitt - Warden

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- St Mary’s Church (Shotesham)

"We purchased 6 Airius fans for our self-storage company as we were having problems with condensation when there was a large fluctuation in temperatures. After we installed them it completely solved our problem and we haven’t had any condensation in over 4 years since we have had them. I would highly recommend Airius fans.”

Leon Antone – Director

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- Black Hole Storage

"The results were amazing and defied all the sceptics. Customers’ noted the improvement in cold aisle temperatures immediately (it had been a regular cause of complaint), temperatures throughout the store became more balanced without making a single change to the air conditioning settings and they had no visual impact – even with a relatively low ceiling height."

Dennis Hensman – Managing Director

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- Optimum Control Technologies Ltd

“With all that heated air now being pushed back down, not only can the thermostat temperature be lowered considerably but the heater itself kicks in much less. Having burnt our way through 6,000 litres of oil in the first five weeks or so, the same heater assisted by just three Airius fans, on average now uses about 3,000 litres – for the whole year!”

Roger Hewlett – Production Manager

- GD Laser Ltd

“Since filing the Airius destratification system in our storage warehouse we have been able to maintain a constant and comfortable temperature for our staff, whilst also being able to switch one of our heaters off thus giving us a fantastic saving in heating costs!”

Paul Stewart – Health, Safety & Environmental Manager

- Mondi Packaging

“Since the installation of the units the air quality and temperature has vastly improved and people are now feeling a lot more comfortable in the environment.”

Tom Lyons – Knowsley Council

- Knowsley Council

“We are using the Airius Destratification fans for our music rooms and they have proved effective at redistributing the warm air from the ceiling to the occupied areas below. We are now considering installing the Airius fans in our Large Hall."

Gary Kelly – Business Manager

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- Chipping Norton School

"Prior to installation the main admin block was unbearable to work in – since the installation the whole admin area has improved. The mezzanine is not as hot and the main area on the ground has a more stable temperature. I can honestly say that the installation of the Airius destratification fans has improved comfort levels in the whole area.”

Yvonne Conway – Estates Manager

- Aylesbury Vale Academy

"We carried out temperature readings before and after installation and after the variance in temperature over a 24 hour period was between 1 and 1.5 degrees. This is a significant improvement over previous readings. Feedback from Centre users has been very positive with customers commenting on the “freshness” of the internal environment.”

Duncan A. McLaren BSc, PgDip, AIEMA – Senior Energy Technician

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- Saltire Leisure Centre

"By installing the Airius fans we have managed to improve the ventilation air flow within the church giving excellent results. The noise generated by the Airius fan units is minimum and very acceptable!”

Janet Ayres – Facility Manager

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- Richmond Methodist Church

“I know from my own experience that the fans work exceptionally well pushing the heat back down to where the people are! The Airius fans have eliminated hot and cold spots making the area more comfortable for our visitors. Airius were a pleasure to deal with!”

Janet Ayres – Facility Manager

- John Pounds Church

"The temperature in the church with the fans running is more even and feels warmer now that we “harvest” all that heat in the roof and the fans are very economical to run. We have kept the congregation from freezing and managed to reduce the boiler burning time by about 25%. We think the Airius product speaks for itself.”

Peter Hill – Director of Facilities

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- All Saints Church

"It has been a very hot summer but the Airius Fans units have cooled the preschool down by circulating and cleaning the air – they are almost as good as an air conditioning unit! We are yet to enter the winter months but we expect that we will also have less sickness due to the Airius PHI add on killing bugs and bacteria!"

Tony Bracefield - General Manager

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- Manukau Christian Charitable Trust

"We had previously spent vast amounts of money installing mechanical air handling units and ducting systems in the pool, yet there were still areas around the pool where instructors and customers found it very humid. The Model 60 Airius fan not only alleviated this issue but helped dry out an end wall that was often wet with condensation."

Howard Gumbley - General Manager

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- Hilton Brown Swimming Pools

“Having recently installed Airius fans into our aircraft maintenance hangar facility at Biggin Hill Airport, the increase in temperature was noticed immediately. The units were simple to install and the team at Airius were supportive throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending their systems."

Chris Glancy – General Manager

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- Avalon Aero

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