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Airius destratification fans are installed at ceiling height, sending air down to the floor in a slow-moving column.  Airius internationally patented multi-vane stator technology redistributes rotational energy to create the slow moving column of air (columnar laminar flow), which increases the airflow throw distance.  This is a standard feature on all Airius destratification fans and is a totally unique process only found in Airius products.  When this air reaches the floor it radiates 360° outwards across the floor until it hits a vertical surface and then rises.  As this air rises it entrains back into the descending column, which creates millions of small vortices and circulates the air at the same speed throughout the whole interior space. This is how a balance of temperature is achieved throughout an internal space.

By producing these slow moving air columns, which descend to floor level and move air at the same speed throughout the whole interior of a building, temperatures are balanced to within 0°C – 2°C.  This process is achieved using minimal air movement, near silent operation and nominal power requirements.  Savings on average are between 20 – 50%, although higher levels have been recorded (see Lush Cosmetics Case Study).

What makes Airius destratification fans the most effective method of destratification available is the synergy between motor efficiency, the unique patented method of airflow distribution created by the ‘Stator Vanes’ and the way the units use the laws of thermodynamics to work in their favour.

Airius has a wide range of destratification fans available to suit almost any application and has helped thousands of businesses, from SMEs to major blue chip companies make real reductions in their energy usage and carbon emissions all across the world

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