The benefits of Airius Destratification Fans

Airius Warranty & Maintenance Policy

All Airius products come with market leading Warranty packages, providing our customers with the reassurance they need when making an investment.

This warranty is limited to products purchased directly from Airius Europe Ltd from within the UK. Airius warrants the products listed below will operate properly and be free of defects in materials and workmanship according to the following terms:

Products Warranty Period

  • Destratification Fans 5 Years (All Parts/Components)
  • Speed Controllers 1 Year (All Parts/Components)
  • Photohydroionisation Cell 1 Year (All Parts/Components)

Airius will repair or replace such units, at Airius’ sole discretion, if there is any defect in their materials or workmanship caused by Airius during the warranty period. With respect to replacement or repair rendered, Airius warrants that the parts replaced or repaired will operate properly and be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the remainder of the original warranty period.

Airius Warranty & Service Package

  • All Airius fan units come with a 5-year warranty. To maintain warranty all fan units must be serviced every 3 years by an Airius Europe Ltd approved contractor.
  • Both PureAir PHI Cells and all Airius Speed controllers come with a 1-year warranty

Airius Warranty:

Return faulty unit to Airius Europe Ltd where it will be assessed for repair or replacement and sent back to the client.

Airius Service Package:

Fan units are to be serviced every 3 years to maintain warranty.

The service package comprises of:

  • A full fan unit inspection to ascertain motor performance
  • Check of all location fixings
  • Checking of electrical supply components for wear and tear and repair if required
  • Dismantle fan units to thoroughly clean and inspect interior and exterior and re-install.

T&C’s apply.

Download a full copy of the Airius Warranty & Maintenance Policy below:


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