Destratification Fan Systems, LED Lighting Solutions and Electrical Contracting by Industry

Airius offers a smart alternative to heating, cooling and lighting any environment.

Our destratification fans are the world’s most popular solution to thermal stratification, and our LED lighting systems use proprietary designs to achieve class-leading efficiency and efficacy.

Choosing Airius fans and lights means you get long-lasting appliances that achieve better performance using less energy than competing products.

Electrical installation services

Our electrical contracting division is the perfect partner to your Airius investment. With our own fleet of high-level access equipment, we can install any electrical equipment at any height (up to 40m), ensuring that your fans, lights and other electrical appliances are perfectly positioned, secured and connected to your control systems.

Airius destratification fans to suit your space

Airius fan systems can be found in a huge range of industrial, commercial, educational and manufacturing settings. Our customers include churches and community spaces, local authority offices, car showrooms, leisure facilities, warehouses and aviation buildings such as hangars and airports.

Airius fans come in a variety of styles and power ratings. They are equally at home above supermarket aisles, warehouse racks, office desks, workshop machinery or store floors. Because our fans achieve remarkable air circulation in a small package, they are unobtrusive and lightweight. This means they can be installed in almost any space, without requiring reinforcements or ducting.

While big primitive ceiling fans use a lot of energy to achieve minimal circulation, Airius destratification fans discretely blend in to your environment and deliver benefits that your employees and guests will appreciate.

LED lighting for elegant settings and challenging environments

Airius LED lighting systems are available in a range of designs and formats to suit everything from designer showrooms and listed buildings to hazardous factories and spaces exposed to strong winds and driving rain.

Whether you need LED lighting for a retail setting or a medical facility, you will find an Airius luminaire that delivers the performance and aesthetics that you need. And because our LED lighting systems use our proprietary designs to dissipate heat, you will find that Airius lights deliver remarkable brightness without overheating. 

Energy saving for any industry

Heating and cooling your buildings can easily be one of your largest premise expenditures. Airius fans and lights are designed to achieve better performance while drawing less energy. Our destratification fans are unrivalled in their ability to efficiently circulate air around any space, thereby making better use of the heating and cooling that you’ve already paid for.

Whether you have vast warehouses, retail units or busy offices, Airius destratification fans can improve comfort for your workers, customers and visitors, while making a major impact on your energy bills.