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Heating and cooling your school, college or university is likely one of the largest running costs you face.

Airius fans offer a smart way to make the most of your energy expenditure, and prevent the phenomenon of thermal stratification. While your heat rises to the ceilings, leaving a significant disparity between floor and ceiling levels, your colleagues and students suffer from chills on one floor and heat exhaustion on another.

Airius have been working with schools, colleges and universities, not only throughout the UK, but around the world to reduce their running costs (in some cases by over 50%) and maintain optimum comfort levels for learning and teaching with the Airius destratification system.


  • Ackworth School – South Yorkshire
  • Aylesbury Vale Academy – Aylesbury
  • Cambridge University
  • Fakenham High School & College
  • Fernwood School – Nottingham
  • Flintshire Primary School
  • Frenchay University – Bristol
  • Gilbert Scott School – S. Croydon – Surrey
  • Guildhall School of Music & Drama
  • HRCS School
  • Kings School – Canterbury – Kent
  • Marchwood Infant School – Hampshire
  • National Star College – Gloucestershire
  • Northumbria University
  • Practical Action (charitable school)
  • Rawlett Community Sports College
  • Redbourne Upper School – Bedford
  • Elphins – Warrington – Cheshire
  • Marks & St. John – Devon
  • Sussex Downs College
  • Thamesview School – Gravesend – Kent
  • University College Plymouth – Devon
  • University of Northumbria
  • West Yorkshire College

Destratification Fan Systems and LED Lighting Solutions for Educational Facilities

The effects of stratification, which is the vertical layering of increasing temperatures in a space as a result of heat rising, is a common and costly problem experienced in schools, colleges and universities. The typical design of these buildings with high ceilinged assembly halls, lecture theatres, sports facilities and swimming pools means that excessive amounts of heat must be supplied to first fill the void above head height before the desired temperature reaches floor level.

Alternatively, in cooled spaces the interior design, furnishings and atmospheric loss through open doors and windows hinder uniform distribution of comfort. With the Airius destratification system the need to over-heat or over-cool a space is eliminated and significant savings can be achieved.

As well as being endorsed by the Carbon Trust, who recommend destratification as one of their top cost and carbon saving measures, the Airius Range is available to purchase under the Salix funding scheme which delivers 100% interest free capital to the public sector, giving the flexibility to fund projects through the savings made.

LED lighting systems use our custom designs and premium components to deliver exceptional performance and leading energy efficiency. We have a range of lighting systems to suit any space, including external settings that are exposed to the elements.


“We are using the Airius Destratification fans for our music rooms and they have proved effective at redistributing the warm air from the ceiling to the occupied areas below. We are now considering installing the Airius fans in our Large Hall."

Gary Kelly – Business Manager

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- Chipping Norton School

"The National Star College is a residential further education college for students with disabilities. Because a lot of our students are in wheelchairs, they feel the cold more than an ambulant person. We do not have sub metering in this area, so energy savings cannot be quantified but rest assured, life is much better for our students and staff.”

David Crompton – Head of Estates

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- National Star College

"Prior to installation the main admin block was unbearable to work in – since the installation the whole admin area has improved. The mezzanine is not as hot and the main area on the ground has a more stable temperature. I can honestly say that the installation has improved comfort levels in the whole area.”

Yvonne Conway – Estates Manager

- Aylesbury Vale Academy