Smithfield School


Smithfield State High School is located in tropical Cairns, QLD.

The school had a significant overheating problem in their basketball and sports space all year round and approached Airius to provide a cooling solution.

Airius provided a unique and cost effective cooling solution using five of their Sapphire Series high-volume fans.

Key Points:
  • Sports Hall
  • Area = 1,000m²
  • Ceiling Height = 6.5m – 7m
  • 35°C+ Tropical Temperatures
  • 80% Max Relative Humidity
  • HVLS Fans Unsuitable & Expensive
  • Airius Solution = 5 x Sapphire Series Fans
  • Cooling Effects Felt Immediately
  • Badminton Sports Unaffected
  • Simple, Quick & Cheap Installation
  • 0-100% Speed Controllable

Sports Hall – Airius High Volume Airflow Circulation Cooling Fan Systems

Smithfield State High School is located in the northern beaches area of Cairns and has 1,160 students from kindergarten to year 12.

They have a basketball and sports hall which has an uninsulated metal roof and walls and it suffered from severe overheating during most of the year.

The school had considered the use of two large blades HVLS fans but there were issues around the supply and install price, and positioning of the units, along with having to reorganise the lighting.

The school, via their contract electrician, Paul Stephens, approached Airius to recommend a cooling solution using their unique Airius Sapphire Series fans because teachers and students were always complaining about how hot it was in the space.

Airius recommended the use of five of their exciting and innovative new Sapphire Series high air volume, hidden blade fans, to solve the cooling problem in their hall.

These fans push out a massive 1580 l/s and at 10 metres distance from the discharge nozzle provide a centreline velocity of 2.89 metres per second. That’s fast. They also have a very strong thrust rating of 14.32 Newtons.

With sports such as shuttlecock, basketball, netball and other ball and non-ball sports played in the space, they required a unit that was cost effective, robust, proven as a cooling solution yet unobtrusive and easy to install.

The Airius units met all their requirements.

The hall was approx. 1,000 sq. metres in size and the floor to ceiling height was 6.5-7 metres. The school installed 5 x Airius Sapphire Series fans and 2 potentiometer speed controllers.

Install was simple and the school’s contract electrician installed the units after school closing time and it took only two evenings. 

Commenting on the performance of the units following installation, the school’s contract electrician said…

“They work very well.  The teachers and students are very happy with the outcome and also advised they move a lot of air around!”

– Contract Electrician & Installer