Destratification systems – Effective Energy Reduction Technologies

Airius Destratification Fan Range for Heating & Cooling

Destratification systems are one of the most effective energy reduction technologies available on the market. Recommended by the Carbon Trust, our thermal destratification systems eliminate thermal stratification and reduce the carbon footprint of any building.

What is thermal stratification?

Thermal stratification is a natural phenomenon that affects all buildings. Hot, lighter air rises towards the ceiling. Cool air falls to the floor. The result is a dramatic temperature difference between the floor and ceiling.

The main negative consequence of thermal stratification is that your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have to work harder to maintain an even temperature. Your HVAC systems have to over-deliver on hot or cool air in order to resist the effects of thermal stratification.

Consequently, your energy bills are higher and the condition of your environment is rarely ideal.

Buildings with high ceilings are more likely to suffer from extreme temperature differences. Wasted heat will inevitably rise to the top of your building and have the opportunity to increase in temperature by up to 14°C. Conversely, heavier cooled air which is more difficult to distribute is wasted by sinking to low points in a building or by becoming trapped in difficult to circulate areas.

How Airius Destratification Fan System works?

What will Airius do?

To combat the problem of thermal stratification, Airius have a range of destratification fan systems that will balance the internal temperatures in your building, by recirculating existing heat and any additional heat generated from people, processes or solar gain.

Our systems will also reduce the operation time and workload required of heating and cooling systems significantly.


Airius fans are not like other brands. While traditional fans use primitive blades to churn air, Airius destratification fans use our patented multi-vane stator technology to create a slow-moving column of air – which increases the distance the air travels.

The other fundamental difference with Airius destratification fans is that we use premium components to deliver unrivalled efficiency. While other fans use a lot of energy to move a little air, Airius fans are designed to run 24/7 at a cost as low as £24 per year.

The column descends to ground level

Before Airius destratification fans
After Airius destratification fans

Independent BSRIA Results

BSRIA Report Image showing test room before Airius Destratification fans
BSRIA Report Image showing test room after Airius Destratification fans

All of our destratification fans can be installed in both new and existing builds.

The installation process is very simple and will be installed in a short space of time.

The difference will be instantly noticeable and will improve the comfort levels in your building.

With a customer list ranging from British Airways, Harrods, Siemens and Waitrose, our destratification systems are in high demand with a diverse consumer base.

Take action and save money by choosing an Airius destratification system today.

The Airius units have allowed us to increase our thermostats from 19°C to 23.5°C resulting in a saving of over 70% on our cooling costs!

We are very impressed with the results Airius fans have achieved in our ten pin bowling centre at Nantgarw in South Wales. The atmosphere inside has been greatly improved reducing staff & customer comfort complaints by 90%. The Airius system has far exceeded our expectations & will now be the standard equipment for all our 18 bowling centres in the UK.”

Ben Carne – Energy Manager, Bowlplex
Bowlplex Plc Trust in Airius destratification fans