Impress Manufacturing

Key Points:
  • 45.07% – Overall Savings 08/09.
  • £62,351 – First winter savings.
  • £21,268 – Full system & installation cost.
  • 3,000m² – Floor area.
  • 5.7˚C – Mean temp 07/08.
  • 3.4˚C – Mean temp 08/09.
  • Installed into Can Assembly area.
  • System – 34 units.
  • Part of the Ardagh Group.
  • £793 – Airius running costs per winter season.

Norwich Can Manufacturing – Destratification Fan Systems

Impress installed 34 Airius fan units into their factory to save on heating costs and their investment was repaid 3 times over in the first winter they were installed.

“Overall savings taking into account lower temperatures and prices in winter 08/09 = 45.07%. The full cost of the Airius units is re-couped within a matter of months – first winter savings of £62,351 measured against a total spend of £21,268.”

Paul Matten (Plant Engineer)

Oil prices dropped by an average of 9.5% in 08/09 compared to the previous winter period 07/08. This will enhance the actual savings.

The mean temperature for East Anglia during winter 07/08 was 5.7°C. The mean temperature for East Anglia during winter 08/09 was much cooler at 3.4°C.

The heating system thermostats are set to 16°C, resulting in an increase in the requirement for heating in East Anglia of 22%.

This analysis excludes the purchase and installation costs of £21,268 in the first year.