Airius PureAir Range of Air and Surface Purification Systems





Neutralises Viruses, Germs & Bacteria
Eliminates Mould & Odours
Reduces Gases, Vapours & VOCs
Airborne & Surface Protection
Simple to Install
Low & Maintenance Free Options

PureAir PHI Commercial Series Destratification Fan and Air Purification Fans

Incorporating cutting-edge Photohydroioninsation (PHI) technology to sterilise surfaces and significantly improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

PureAir Reme Ion Air Purification for the home and small offices

Compact and portable, the Reme IonTM is the ideal air and surface purification system for the home and small spaces.

PureAir NPBI Commercial Series Destratification Fan and Air Purification Fans

Incorporates the latest in needlepoint bipolar ionisation (NPBITM) technology to clean surfaces and neutralise airborne pollutants.

PureAir Pearl Commercial Series Destratification Fan and Air Purification Fans

Delivers commercial grade air and surface purification at an affordable price using industry standard bipolar ionisation.

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"We are very impressed with your air and surface purifiers and would like to order another one for our dining room.”

Mike Gay – Church Treasurer

- Bont Elim Community Church

“Thank you for introducing us to your amazing air purification systems. Eden Gardens has had tremendous results from using your system. Revenue has gone UP by £60,500/year and our profit margins have increased significantly.

I would recommend this system to every senior living facility, and/or nursing home!"

Karen L. Bowles - Executive Director

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- Sunrise Senior Living

“We’ve had to become very strict with self-isolation and anything that comes in from outside. If I caught the virus my body wouldn’t be able to fight it off.

It has been a great relief to not only my Husband and I, but to the whole family to have the Airius fan here.”

- Anne Lord (Domestic)

"The team at Airius answered all my questions patiently, speedily and within a few days created a bespoke solution.

The units arrived almost immediately. Airius liaised extensively with my electrician for installation making themselves available for all queries in real time. I would not hesitate to recommend Airius."

Dr Maria Moore BDS - Principal Harewood Dental Surgery

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- Harewood Dental Surgery

"The air has simply become fresher, so now we do not have to drive most of the fruit and vegetables in and out of the cold storage every day, and thus we save a lot of time.

Especially for sensitive vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli, where we are experiencing a doubling in shelf life. But even for coarse vegetables, there is a clearly longer shelf life."

Jørgen Nordtorp - Store Manager

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- Rema 1000

“Since installation, as the COVID19 outbreak has worsened, the hospital has had to perform emergency surgeries and procedures on COVID19 positive patients.

Despite this, of the 26 separate COVID19 tests that were carried out on the attending medics, every single test has been negative."

Dr. Gerogi Zhelyazkov - Executive Director

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- Dobrich Hospital (Bulgaria)

"Today, thanks to our solid commitment to innovation, we have cutting-edge technological solutions, such as the new PureAir system to guarantee the highest levels of safety and hygiene in our centre.

Thanks to everyone's efforts, today we can tell our customers that we are the safest centre in which to make their purchases.”

Enrique Bayón - Shopping Centre Manager

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- Parquesur Shopping Centre

"We installed the Airius PureAir in our home after discovering our young son had asthma.

Since the installation of this solution, we have been able to allow our pet dog re-enter the home as our son’s breathing has improved dramatically and we as a family feel much safer and secure in our home.”

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- Eoin Barrett (Domestic)

“Providing clean air is one way we demonstrate our commitment to the health and well-being of our guests and staff.

It quickly eliminates any VOCs during maintenance work and allows us to prevent mould issues in the indoor pool area. We also don’t have the slightest worry about pet odours."

Fergus O’Halloran - Managing Director

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- The Twelve Hotel

"The Hotel selected Airius PureAir technology for installation in our Candle SPA in the summer of 2020.

Highly recommended by several international institutions, the technology has allowed the reinforcement of protection measures and raised the level of confidence and wellbeing felt by our guests."

Dr. Gonçalo Nunes - Director General, Hotel Porta do Sol

- Candle Spa (Hotel Porta do Sol)

"We installed the Airius PureAir in our home in order to prevent the spread of illnesses in the case that my partner was asymptomatic.

I now feel much more comfortable going to work knowing that Airius PureAir has disinfected all surfaces and air it has come in contact with.”

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- Seoda Fitzgerald (Domestic)

Since we installed the PureAir system in our office we have not had any contagion of COVID from customers or the colleagues who share the office.

We also commissioned an independent engineer to evaluate air quality in the office, who verified the purification effectiveness of the PureAir system as close to 100%.”

Jose A. Romero - Associate Attorney

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- Business & Tax Management Systems

It's great that we can provide our members and newcomers with a clean environment in which to focus exclusively on prayer, preaching, teaching and building personal relationships without worrying about their health.”

Roman Starzyk - Slovo Života choir

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- Church of the Word of Life

"We have not had any confirmed COVID-19 positive tests. It is without doubt that this is due to the air and surface disinfection and purification from the Airius PureAir system.

I highly recommend the Airius PureAir 24/7 active disinfection system as a way to protect your staff and visitors."

Tsvetelin Rumenov Tsolov - General Consul

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- Bulgarian Embassy (Barcelona & Madrid)

“We have installed a number of Airius fans over the last couple of months and intend to continue to do so.

It has created an area of confidence among staff and patients that they are being protected. We have also noticed we have reduced our heating settings with the benefit of savings on energy costs.

Sean Penston - Director of Facilities

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- The Beacon Hospital

“The Scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of our Needlepoint BiPolar Ionisation (NPBI™) against all variants of CoV2 is very robust.

Our viral challenge studies have been thorough with results showing a 99.9% kill of CoV2 and other viruses in actual closed -room validations.

Professor Sir Christopher Evans - CEO

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- Excalibur Healthcare

"The PureAir system has provided me and my family with the extra level of protection we wanted to keep our home air clean and free of bugs. We have several young children who can be vulnerable to infection and the PureAir system has given us true peace of mind that they are safe at home. The fresh smell from the hydroperoxides is very reassuring.

I would highly recommend the PureAir system for anyone looking for home air purification.”

- Natalie Spencer (Domestic)

"The Airius team were incredibly helpful. They found time to answer my call in person, at a time when no one was picking up the phone.

The PureAir units arrived almost immediately and Airius liaised extensively with my electrician for installation making themselves available for all queries in real time.”

- Maria Moore (Domestic)

Comprehensive Warranty

5 year fan and 1 year PHI cell warranty

120 Day Guarantee

We offer our customers a full 120-day Money Back Guarantee

"We measured an ROI of 18 days!”

Jack Gale - Energy Manager

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