A Simple Solution That Could Protect Against The Spread Of Coronavirus


Coronavirus Protection: What Do We Need To Do?

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 continuing to devastate the world, everyones minds are turning to Coronavirus Protection and people are asking ‘how do we protect ourselves’?

The answer is simple and advised by health organisations all over the world, be sensible, wash your hands and stay away from “bacteria, germs and viruses”. That is the most effective method of Coronavirus Protection.

However, we don’t have control over all the environments we inhabit. To tackle this Airius supply the PureAir Series air purification and odour control system, incorporating a unique PHI Cell manufactured by one of the worlds leading specialists in air, water and food purification – RGF Environmental.

Simply put, Coronavirus on surfaces or in the air, may be minimised or even negated wherever the PHI Cell is in operation.

Let’s get technical below:


Air Purification in the PHI Cell

PhotoHydroionisation (PHI) cells can be installed into a wide range of Airius fans, including the Standard Series, Suspended Series and Designer Series or in air conditioning ducts, split and package units etc, providing the perfect solution for fighting viruses, mould, bacteria, VOCs and odours.

Emitting advanced oxidation plasma (0.01 – 0.02ppm) from the PHI Cell, the fan circulates Hydro-Peroxides, superoxide ions and hydroxide ions throughout the space, neutralising up to 99 per cent of micro-organisms. The breakthrough in the PHI advanced oxidation technologies is a group of oxidants known as Hydroperoxides that have been a common part of our environment for over 3.5 billion years.

The PHI Cell’s proven technology can reduce Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), significantly reduce gases/VOC’s/odours and maintain healthy environments. The cell successfully removes 99% of germs from the air and surfaces, including Bird Flu, Norovirus, E. Coli, Listeria, Strep, and other airborne germs and bacteria.

Tandara Lodge Community Care has not had a “notifiable outbreak” in 5 years after installing the Airius PureAir Series with integrated PHI Cell. And they have not only benefited from the effects of fresh, clean air, keeping those in the facility safe and healthy, preventing any outbreaks from occurring, but they have also benefited from the energy reduction and monetary savings from the worlds most popular destratification and airflow circulation fan.

Airius Airius Purification Fan With Patented PHI Cell
  • 99% reduction surface bacteria/virus reduction.
  • • Over 80% VOC reduction.
  • • 97% airborne bacterial reduction.
  • • 99% reductions of E. Coli, Listeria, Strep, Bird Flu and many more.
  • • 85% odour reduction.
  • • 97% airborne mould reduction.
  • • Approved by the USDA, FSIS and FDA for use in food processing plants.
  • • US Military approved for mould protection in field hospitals.
  • • Tested and approved by the Chinese Government for protection against the SARS virus.
  • • Used to mitigate airborne bacteria, mould, viruses, smoke, odours and VOC’s in applications such as hospitals, care/nursing homes, doctors offices, offices, schools, food preparation facilities and many other applications.

Disclaimer: All the tests above were performed on the RGF Environmental Reme Halo PHI Advanced Oxidation system with Advanced Oxidation Plasma of less than .02 ppm. They were conducted by independent accredited labs and university studies. They were funded and conducted by major RGF Environmental clients to assure third party credibility. PHI products are not medical devices and no medical claims are made.

If you have any questions or queries about the PureAir Series and its integrated PHI Cell, or about Coronavirus Protection please Contact Us anytime by phone, on +44 (0)1202 554200 or by email at info@airius.co.uk.