Airius Suspended Series Destratification Fan
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Airius Destratification System Suspended Series Fan
Airius Destratification Fan Suspended Series

Suspended Series

The Airius Suspended Series is designed for buildings with dropped, false or suspended ceilings or where an unobtrusive and discreet installation is required. It accompanies Airius Standard Series models 10 – 45 and seals the fan from the ceiling void, ensuring only air from below the ceiling is circulated.


Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

For installations into dropped, false or suspended ceilings or where an unobtrusive installation is required, choose the Suspended Series. Suitable for ceilings from 2.5 – 12 metres, Suspended Series fans are easy to install and adapt. 


The Airius Suspended Series consists of a Standard Series destratification fan unit and ceiling grid tile with dome, which seals in the fan and ensures only air from below the ceiling is circulated.

Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

The Suspended Series range of destrat fans has commonly used within offices, car showrooms, schools, libraries, kitchens and restaurants installed into a wide range of ceiling types, not only ceiling grids. As long as there is a void to recess into the Suspended Series can be installed near seamlessly into the ceiling material.


Building improvements and upgrades can often be limited by their aesthetic impact on the space. The Airius Suspended Series destratification fan and airflow circulation system is the perfect solution in those installations where there is a void in the roof space to recess the fan, reducing its profile and removing the majority of the fan above the ceiling out of view.

Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

In addition to the many heating system benefits Airius destratification provides, Airius systems also hugely benefit cooling. Airius fans improve airflow circulation cooling, not only increasing the natural levels of evaporative cooling, but when used with air-conditioning systems, Airius fans ensure the cooled air is fully and evenly distributed, saving up to 70% on your cooling costs.


This means Airius destratification fans deliver a consistent return on investment all year round, making the most of the energy you use on heating and cooling, and creating a more comfortable environment for your workers and visitors. 

Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

In order to ensure simple, efficient and seamless installation into UK and EU facilities, destratification fans in the Airius Suspended Series range include a ceiling tile measured to suit standardised European ceiling grid dimensions of 600mm x 600mm.


The Suspended Series unit simply needs a safety anchor fitted to the ceiling structure. Then wire it in and position it the designed or preferred position in the ceiling grid or structure.

Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

In most Suspended Series destratification fan installations we recommend a minimum void space above the ceiling of 400mm (460mm for Model 45 Suspended Ceiling Series). This is to ensure that there is enough working room around the fan and housing to make the installation as simple and quick as possible.


However, as the Suspended Series is only 270mm tall from the tile to the dome top (335mm for Model 45 Suspended Series) customers have fitted the Suspended Series into much smaller voids. No complicated or expensive ducting is required. We also have a range of nozzle lengths available, which extend between 120mm to 219mm beneath the tile.

Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

Airius internationally patented multi-vane stator technology transfers rotational energy to create a slow-moving column of air (columnar laminar flow), which increases throw distance. The column of air descends to floor level and through entrainment, circulates all the air in the space at the same speed, balancing temperatures to within 0°C – 2°C.


This uses very low levels of power, as it’s only pushing air through a very small space: the column. As the airflow doesn’t spread out, it doesn’t lose momentum. Then once it reaches floor level, the airflow blankets along the floor in all directions before rising and being re-circulated through the fan. This is a standard feature on all Airius fans and totally unique to Airius.

Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

The Airius Suspended Series destrat fan and airflow circulation system only weights a combined total of 7.2kgs (9.5kgs for Model 45 Suspended Series), which includes the fan unit and tile housing.


When installing into suspended ceilings care must be given to the accumulative weight supported by the ceiling grid. Signs, boards, insulation and plaster finishes can all add to the collective total limiting what can be installed, at least without incurring high costs for installation.

Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

With in-house high-level access equipment including scaffolding and cherry pickers, our turnkey installation solutions offer unbeatable value for money. Our team has more than 30 years of experience and can ensure you get maximum value from your destratification fans.


Read more about our electrical engineering and installation services

Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

Airius fans are the smart destratification solution. Using patented technology and premium components, Airius fans can make a huge impact from a compact package.


Benefits of Airius destratification fans include:

— Reduce heating costs by 20%-50%

— Reduce cooling costs by 20%-40%

— Reduce CO2 emissions by 20%-50%

— Carbon grant eligible

— Rapid ROI – usually between 12-24 months

— 5 year warranty

— Increases lifespan of lighting, HVAC & equipment

— Maintains optimal working environment

— Quick and easy to install and maintain

— Compatible with HVAC and BMS systems

— Reduces condensation and draughts

— Recycles heat from machinery, lighting, solar gain etc


Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

All Airius fan units come with options for variable speed control with the Airius 1 AMP, 5 AMP and EC wall mounted speed controllers. This allows you to customise your installation to gain maximum efficiency from your Airius system in all seasons.


Our engineers can help you position, install and set-up your destratification fans for maximum performance. 

Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

All Airius destratification fans come as off-white (Cool Gray C) as standard. For installations where colour and aesthetics are a factor, Airius destratification fans can be RAL colour match painted to suit your unique application.


This colour-matching option, combined with our elegant designs, means that you can transform the comfort of your environment without impacting the aesthetics.

Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

Airius destratification and airflow circulation fans come with the option of both PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) and EC (Electronically Commutated) fan motors. This gives the option for more efficient control in our larger EC motor units, but still offering the affordability and reliability in our range of PSC motors.  


All our motors are supplied by the world’s leading fan motor manufacturer EBM Papst and they not only meet, but both PSC and EC motors exceed the highest standards in the industry for build quality and efficiency.

Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

Airius destratification and airflow circulation fans are designed to operate 24/7, 365 days a year in order to maintain balanced temperatures. When buildings are unoccupied for periods of time, Airius fans can be installed on timers, integrated into a buildings management system (BMS), or used with wireless controls.


This gives you the flexibility to control your destratification processes automatically and remotely. 


Destratification Fan System Suspended Series

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