Lush Retail Ltd

LUSH Retail Ltd contacted Airius to address the uncomfortable low temperatures and expensive costs for heating at their factory facility in Poole, Dorset.

Originally it was estimated that this site would benefit from a minimum energy saving of 35%, however a far greater saving was achieved of over 60% following installation of the Airius system.

Key Points:
  • ROI = 18 DAYS!
  • 61% Energy saving on heating system.
  • Heating spend pre Airius = £26,638.83.
  • Heating spend post Airius = £7,333.38.
  • Comfort levels immediately improved.
  • Recirculates process heat for free heating.
  • Also provides cooling benefits during summer months.
  • Key technology responsible for meeting energy and CO2 targets.
  • Now rolled out across their network of facilities.

Poole Manufacturing Site – Destratification Fan Systems

Lush Retail Ltd needed to improve internal conditions at their Hatch Pond Road factory facility in Poole, Dorset. Temperatures at floor level were uncomfortably cold as their heating system was unable to reach acceptable conditions. This also incurred high energy costs as the heating system was running constantly in an attempt to reach set parameters.

Following installation of the Airius system heating costs for the site were reduced by over 60%. Lush are now installing the Airius system throughout the rest of their factory facilities.

Consumption Data Analysis

Usagefor November and December 2012 calculated by dividing the COST by the average amount per unit throughout the year. COST for March 2013 calculated by multiplying units used by average amount per unit throughout the year. 20% of consumption allowed for heating the offices and hot water.

Gas used for production processes approx. £220 per month. Calculated from average amount used throughout June, July & August when the heating is off. This has been subtracted to leave only heating gas.

A drop in temperature of one 1ºC increases a buildings heat load by 8% to 12%, mainly depending on the base temperature and the building fabric. With the low level of insulation at the Lush Hatchpond Road facility calculations are based on a very conservative 11% per 1ºC. The overall adjustment for the temperature difference works out as a 16.33% increase to the pre Airius figures.

All the final outcomes are shown in the data above including; WITHOUT weather effects taken into account, WITH weather effects taken into account and an AVERAGE of the both.

The Airius units in the Hatchpond road site have far exceeded predicted savings. This is mainly due to the buildings extremely low level of insulation and the high level of process heat within the environment, which when recirculated provides a free source of space heating.