SCEGGS Sports Hall

Leading private school, SCEGGS Darlinghurst, had a significant over-heating problem in their multipurpose Basketball hall. They had considered blade fans to increase air movement, but these were vulnerable to impact and they wanted a more aesthetic and cost effective solution. So they contacted Airius.

Not only was the Airius solution cheaper to install, but was more durable, covered a greater floor area and provided ample cooling, without the need for an expensive Air Conditioning system.

Key Points:
  • Airius solution = 8 x Model 60’s.
  • Comfort levels increased dramatically.
  • Cooling effects felt immediately.
  • Simple, quick & cheap installation.
  • Durable & resilient to impact.
  • Also reduces heating costs in winter.
  • Basketball Court:
    – 1,000m².
    – 10m high ceiling.

Destratification Fan Systems

SCEGGS facility manager Keith Stevenson approached Airius to help address severe overheating problems in their 1,000m² multi-purpose Basketball Court facility.

The basketball courts were in a room 10 metres high with a concrete ceiling. Tennis courts were located on the floor above, which contributed to the over-heating.

8 Standard Airius Model 60 units were supplied with two five Amp (SC-05) Speed Controllers, for an installed cost 20% cheaper than blade fans, whilst also providing greater floor coverage.

As a bonus the units were adjustable in any direction. This allowed SCEGGS to direct the air flow to where it was needed, but without causing interference to activities such as badminton, where normally the airflow from alternative fans would impact on the flight of the shuttlecock.

The improvement in comfort inside the space was instant and they indicated that even on the warmest summer days the air movement offered cooling and made the space much more comfortable and usable.

“The Airius system has been in operation for six months now. We are more than happy with the results.

The space is a lot more usable in the summer months. We have received great feedback from both the school PE department and also external hirers.

We are extremely happy with the performance and comfort we receive since installing these Airius fans and would happily recommend them to other organisations needing to circulate air and increase thermal comfort.”

Keith Stevenson – Facilities Manager, SCEGGS Darlinghurst.