Springfield School


The school’s relatively new library, located in the tropical climate of Queensland, Australia, had a significant overheating problem during the summer and the school approached Airius to come up with a cooling solution.

Following a review and survey of the facilities Airius provided a unique cooling solution, specifying 12 x Airius Retail Series, 3 x Airius Pearls Series and 3 x Airius Suspended Series fan units, all with variable speed control.

Key Points:
  • Severe Summer Overheating Problems
  • High Relative Humidity
  • HVLS Fans Unsuitable & Expensive
  • Airius Library Cooling Solution:
    – 12 x Retail Series Fans
    – 3 x Pearl Series Fans
    – 3 x Suspended Series Fans
  • Cooling Effects Felt Immediately
  • Quiet & Very Cheap To Run
  • Simple, Quick & Cheap Installation
  • 0-100% Speed Controllable

Library Cooling – Airius Airflow Circulation Cooling Systems For Extremely Hot Climates

Springfield Central State High School is an Independent Public School (IPS) with students from years 7 to 12. It is located out towards Ipswich, west of Brisbane.

It is a relatively new school with the library around 3 years old.  The library staff and students complained about the overheating in the space during summer. There were large extraction fans installed that proved very ineffective and noisy.

The school had looked at the typical solutions including air conditioning and HVLS fans. Neither of these options were either cost effective or visually suitable. They required a low cost, unobtrusive, aesthetic and quiet solution.

Airius provided a complete design, supply and install solution. 

After much consideration, the school proceeded with the Airius solution.   The results speak for themselves.

The installation looks great, offers excellent, controllable and cooling air movement throughout the space and is very quiet.

The units use between 30 watts each at full speed and when run at half speed use around 12 watts. At low speed, just ticking over, they use around 5-6 watts each.

Their non-turbulent, laminar flow directional and controllable, low noise and patented air delivery design is perfect for the library environment.