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We are currently working with councils across the UK helping them achieve their energy reduction targets by re-cycling the expensively heated air that has already been supplied in many of their buildings. This not only cuts energy usage but also saves money, reduces emissions and creates a more comfortable environment of r staff and visitors.

Airius award winning destratification fan system works by gently re-circulating heat which rises to the ceiling back down to the floor in an invisible column of air, keeping the heat where you need it and reducing HVAC costs by an average of 35%.

Destratification Fan Solutions for Local Authorities & Councils


  • Vastly improved comfort levels all year round
  • Increased pupil attentiveness
  • 35% average savings on heating and cooling costs
  • 35% average reduction in carbon emissions
  • Rapid ROI – Usually 8 – 18 months
  • Minimal running costs (from £24/pa)
  • Recycles heat from solar gain, lighting, people etc.
  • Optimises ALL types of HVAC systems
  • Significantly reduced HVAC maintenance costs
  • Condensation reduced or eliminated
  • Reduces heat loss in swimming pools
  • Dries poolside spills quickly
  • Stops overheating of upper viewing levels
  • Recirculates heat risen to ceiling to where you need it

It is understood that stratification is the single largest waste of energy in buildings today and many councils are using Airius to help achieve their energy/emission reduction targets. The Airius system is currently being employed across many different building types owned by local authorities, such as leisure centres and swimming pools, schools, town halls, depots and offices.

As well as being endorsed by the Carbon Trust, who recommend destratification as one of their top cost and carbon saving measures, the Airius Range is available to purchase under the Salix funding scheme which delivers 100% interest free capital to the public sector, giving the flexibility to fund projects through the savings made. Along with free site surveys, installation plans and energy reduction estimates, all in addition to detailed quotations and proposals, Airius offers an in-house management program to assist you through the application process.


"We are very impressed with your air and surface purifiers and would like to order another one for our dining room.”

Mike Gay – Church Treasurer

- Bont Elim Community Church

"We have not had any confirmed COVID-19 positive tests. It is without doubt that this is due to the air and surface disinfection and purification from the Airius PureAir system.

I highly recommend the Airius PureAir 24/7 active disinfection system as a way to protect your staff and visitors."

Tsvetelin Rumenov Tsolov - General Consul

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- Bulgarian Embassy (Barcelona & Madrid)

"It has been a very hot summer but the Airius Fans units have cooled the preschool down by circulating and cleaning the air – they are almost as good as an air conditioning unit! We are yet to enter the winter months but we expect that we will also have less sickness due to the Airius PHI add on killing bugs and bacteria!"

Tony Bracefield - General Manager

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- Manukau Christian Charitable Trust

"Thank you for all your work this term in improving DG1. The addition of fans have greatly improved the working environment for staff and students making it much cooler and more comfortable, and it is something that I and the TAS team appreciate. "

Paul Berecry - Facilities Manager

- Pittwater House School

"The Airius Fans certainly have made a big difference and improved comfort during the various functions we have at the centre. He indicated that one of the great benefits of the Fans is that since installation there have been no complaints about the overheating and there is much appreciation of having the areas cooler”.

Contract Manager

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- Green Point Christian College

"Installing the Destratification Fans was a first for us and addressed a need to improve the working environment of the pool-side staff. The fans were straightforward to install through our M&E contractor A McKay & Co. Now that the system is running in co-ordination with the air handling plant this has been achieved successfully."

David Hamer – Maintenance Surveyor

- Midlothian Council

"We had previously spent vast amounts of money installing mechanical air handling units and ducting systems in the pool, yet there were still areas around the pool where instructors and customers found it very humid. The Model 60 Airius fan not only alleviated this issue but helped dry out an end wall that was often wet with condensation."

Howard Gumbley - General Manager

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- Hilton Brown Swimming Pools

"The Airius fans have proved to be effective and do not dominate the space but fit easily into the hall; they are almost not noticeable whilst moving the air around the hall, creating air flow on hot, still days making the hall more comfortable to teach and learn in.“

Rod Seib - Director of Sport

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- Saint Stephens College

"The Airius system has been in operation for six months now. We are more than happy with the results. The space is a lot more usable in the hotter summer months. We have received great feedback from both the school PE department and also external hirers. High intensity sport is played in the gym now with a lot more comfort."

Keith Stevenson - Facilities Manager

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- SCEGGS School Sports Facility

"I spoke to the high school PE teacher (major user of the stadium) & they are finding the Airius Fans really good, especially in summer!"

Helen Mathew (FRAIA)

- Mount Beauty Sports Centre

“Since the installation of the units the air quality and temperature has vastly improved and people are now feeling a lot more comfortable in the environment.”

Tom Lyons – Knowsley Council

- Knowsley Council

“We are using the Airius Destratification fans for our music rooms and they have proved effective at redistributing the warm air from the ceiling to the occupied areas below. We are now considering installing the Airius fans in our Large Hall."

Gary Kelly – Business Manager

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- Chipping Norton School

"The National Star College is a residential further education college for students with disabilities. Because a lot of our students are in wheelchairs, they feel the cold more than an ambulant person. We do not have sub metering in this area, so energy savings cannot be quantified but rest assured, life is much better for our students and staff.”

David Crompton – Head of Estates

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- National Star College

"These have made a vast improvement to the internal atmosphere within the buildings and the public who use the facilities find the air quality greatly improved for sporting activities. The heating systems come on much less often and the complaints from swimmers about the warmth in the swimming pool area has reduced by 90%.“

James Dunn – Facilities Manager

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- Sixmile Leisure Centre

"We carried out temperature readings before and after installation and after the variance in temperature over a 24 hour period was between 1 and 1.5 degrees. This is a significant improvement over previous readings. Feedback from Centre users has been very positive with customers commenting on the “freshness” of the internal environment.”

Duncan A. McLaren BSc, PgDip, AIEMA – Senior Energy Technician

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- Saltire Leisure Centre