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Airius fans and lighting systems offer significant savings in a wide range of aviation and aerospace environments, including private and commercial hangars, maintenance buildings and airport terminals.

Airius destratification fans use our patented technology to create powerful columns of air that reach the floor. This pushes air outwards and upwards and reduces the layering effect (thermal stratification) that often leaves you with hot ceilings and cold floors.

By equalising temperatures and recirculating rising heat back to the floor, Airius fans reduce turnaround times, speed up daily processes and reduce maintenance downtime. Most importantly, your employees and visitors will be consistently comfortable all year-round.

Airius electrical services ensure you get the optimal installation. We have a fleet of high-level access equipment, which means we can easily install destratification fans or LED lighting systems into your hangar or aerodrome, regardless of height.

Destratification fan systems for the aviation sector


  • Improved comfort in all seasons
  • 35% average reduction in heating costs
  • 35% average reduction in cooling costs
  • 35% average reduction in carbon emissions
  • Rapid ROI – usually 8 – 18 months
  • Works alongside all types of HVAC systems
  • Minimal running costs (from £24/pa)
  • Ideal for hangars up to 35m high

  • Reduces HVAC maintenance costs
  • Recycles process heat, lighting and solar gain
  • Reduces or eliminates condensation and wet floors
  • Significantly reduces heat loss through roof
  • Reduces hangar heat-up (and cool-down) time
  • Airflow deters birds and insects

All Airius products are designed by us, and they benefit from our unique designs and patented technology. The other big difference with Airius is that we use premium components at every stage, sourcing the finest motors, bearings and controllers from specialists around the world.


"One of the things I enjoy most about my role is the occasional interaction with engaging suppliers and those with a vision that aligns to our own. I am grateful we've been able to deliver one of the bridge projects prior to the festive break, it reflects back in good for all the challenges we've faced; and the end product is amazing! And more than that, I have thoroughly enjoyed the personal interactions we have had with the Airius team!”

Adam Watson – Asset Manager
- Heathrow Terminal 5

“We installed Airius fans into hangers at our Blackbushe Airport, Surrey and Oxford Airport sites with great success. At both facilities Airius fans units have made the working area much warmer for our aircraft technicians and the heaters are switching off a lot more often which has never happened before."

Paul Morrison – Facilities Manager

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- PremiAir Aviation International Ltd

“Gama Aviation are always looking for new initiatives and technologies to help reduce their energy consumption and contribute towards creating a sustainable future for all, and the Airius system has been an effective solution towards helping Gama Aviation achieve those goals."

Sean Hull – Engineering Operations Manager

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- Gama Aviation

“The Airius fans made an immediate and significant improvement even before the heating/cooling system upgrades had been completed, so much so that all complaints from staff ceased immediately and they were now comfortable enough to work in their t-shirts."

J Forge – Contract Manager – Gratte Brothers Group Ltd

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- British Airways – East Pen Hangar (Heathrow)

“Having recently installed Airius fans into our aircraft maintenance hangar facility at Biggin Hill Airport, the increase in temperature was noticed immediately. The units were simple to install and the team at Airius were supportive throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending their systems."

Chris Glancy – General Manager

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- Avalon Aero