Gama Aviation

Key Points:
  • 48.22% saving on heating costs.
  • 1,136m³ natural gas reduction.
  • System – 14 Model 45/PS-4 Units.
  • Savings calculated for worst case scenario and accounts for weather inconsistencies.
  • Following installation of the Airius system only one of the two heating units was
    required to achieve and maintain desired conditions.

Farnborough Airport – Destratification Fan Systems

Gama Aviation approached Airius to help reduce the energy consumption in their main engineering hangar at Farnborough Airport, which resulted in a saving of over 48% on their heating costs after installation of the Airius system.

“Gama Aviation are always looking for new initiatives and technologies to help reduce their energy consumption. Not only to reduce costs but also to adhere to new legislation and contribute towards creating a sustainable future for all, and the Airius system has been an effective solution towards helping Gama Aviation achieve those goals.”

Sean Hull (Engineering Operations Manager)