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Warehouse and Distribution centres often prove costly when it comes to heating, cooling and HVAC costs due to the large volume of space and high ceilings common in these types of buildings. Not only is heating and cooling these spaces expensive, but the effects of thermal stratification result in unbalanced vertical temperatures.

The Airius destratification system gently and quietly recirculates heated or cooled air supplied to equalise temperatures throughout. This improves comfort, allows for greater control over temperature regulated environments and can save up to 50% on your HVAC costs.

Destratification Fan System for Warehouses


  • Improves control over temperature regulated environments
  • 40%+ reduction in heating costs
  • 30%+ reduction in cooling costs
  • 35%+ reduction in carbon emissions
  • Rapid ROI – Usually 12 – 24 months
  • Maintains balanced temps for high racking
  • Reduced building heat up time

  • Can be custom painted to match environment
  • Condensation reduced or eliminated
  • Significantly reduced HVAC maintenance costs
  • Works alongside ALL types of HVAC systems
  • Minimal running costs (from £6/pa)
  • Eligible for carbon reducing grants/loans

Storing stock at optimum conditions and temperatures is vital to any business. Not only can undesired high or low temperatures have a negative effect, but other conditions such as condensation can also impair or damage stock. In those facilities with roller and shutter doors valuable heated air escapes every time a door is opened, making it near impossible to reach and maintain even conditions. In temperature regulated facilities such as cooled pharmaceutical storage, unbalanced temperatures can mean high level racking does not meet temperature requirements, leaving highly valuable storage space redundant.

Airius has worked with thousands of warehouse and distribution customers all over the world in order to help them save money, energy and maintain desired temperatures to within 1 – 2°C. The Airius system equalises temperatures from floor to ceiling, which means when shutter doors are used thermal loss is reduced significantly. It also means that in temperature regulated storage, temperature is evenly maintained up to the full height of the space. Condensation is also eliminated as a result of efficient airflow circulation. If you would like to arrange a survey of your Warehouse or distribution facility contact Airius now on or call on +44 (0)1202 554200.


“Since the installation of the units the air quality and temperature has vastly improved and people are now feeling a lot more comfortable in the environment.”

Tom Lyons – Knowsley Council

- Knowsley Leisure Centre

"These have made a vast improvement to the internal atmosphere within the buildings and the public who use the facilities find the air quality greatly improved for sporting activities. The heating systems come on much less often and the complaints from swimmers about the warmth in the swimming pool area has reduced by 90%.“

James Dunn – Facilities Manager

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- Sixmile Leisure Centre

"We carried out temperature readings before and after installation and after the variance in temperature over a 24 hour period was between 1 and 1.5 degrees. This is a significant improvement over previous readings. Feedback from Centre users has been very positive with customers commenting on the “freshness” of the internal environment.”

Duncan A. McLaren BSc, PgDip, AIEMA – Senior Energy Technician

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- Saltire Leisure Centre