Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics Manufacturing had a significant summer overheating problem in their Warehouse and distribution facility. Based on Airius’ proven success for cooling in other warehouses and sports courts, they approached Airius to come up with a cooling solution.

After some detailed research by Lush and design work by Airius, and a successful trial installation, Lush Cosmetics installed over 120 Airius Air Pear fans to provide cooling to their employees in February, 2018.

Key Points:
  • All overheating issues eliminated.
  • Directional airflow targets problem areas.
  • Speed Controls adapt to changes.
  • Warehouse Manufacturing Facility:
    – 6 to 10 metre high ceiling.
    – 3,000m².
  • Airius Solution:
    – 14 x Model 25’s.
    – 136 Model 45-PS/2’s.

Warehouse Cooling – Destratification Fan Systems

Warehouses are large spaces and often have issues with overheating in summer.

Current solutions are limited to:

  1. Air Conditioning – high capital expense and running costs
  2. Large blade fans which results in:

The use of air movement for cooling by moving the air across the skin and causing evaporation has been used for centuries in all sorts of tropical and temperate climates. It is a cost-effective solution to the overheating problem experienced in many building types.

“At 35 Deg. C and humid it was really good. We had the fans at speed level 3 in the morning but at 1pm it was too hot so we turned them up to 5 and it was really good – even though it was humid.”

Heather, Line Worker – Lush Cosmetics.

“We were pretty surprised by how good they have been…the biggest success is in shooting down the picking aisles.”

Alex, Digital Fulfilment Manager – Lush Cosmetics

For the aisles, the units were mounted horizontally just above head height and pointed to blow directly down between the product storage racks.

As a bonus, the units are adjustable in any direction to enable the customer to direct the air flow to where it may be required.

At 7-10 metres high these unobtrusive and quiet units provide a large amount of air flow all across the space with full controllability offered in five settings from 0-100%.

The air movement offered cooling of the inhabitants and made the space much more comfortable and usable. There was an instant improvement in comfort inside the space, which was very well received by the employees and management alike.