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Retail Series

Small, light and easy to adapt. The Airius Retail Series uses our patented technology to transform a wide range of retail environments, including open, exposed and suspended ceilings.


Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

The Retail Series destratification fan is ideal for open retail areas such as receptions, clothing departments and general sales floors. Small, compact and operating at only 30 watts, the Retail Series can be installed into virtually any space and relocated with ease.


For stores with aisles, consider our Narrow Aisle Retail Series Range.

Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

Uncomfortable shoppers don’t browse for long. Some of the most affected retail environments are supermarket chiller and freezer aisles where cold spillage drops temperatures uncomfortably low. The Airius Retail Series destratification fan system eliminates these differentials by circulating all the air in the space, balancing temperatures and making conditions more comfortable.


Retail giants such as Morrisons, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Halfords, New Look and Pets at Home have benefited from installing Airius destratification fans.

Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

By continuously recirculating airflow with an Airius system, cabinet and display glass is kept clear and mist-free. Improved airflow across the glass increases the rate of moisture evaporation, which rapidly removes cabinet fogging and keeps products clearly on display.


This improved airflow also helps with spills and wet floors, drying out moisture and standing water far quicker than with traditional HVAC systems. Condensation is also reduced or eliminated, limiting mould growth and damage to paint or finishes, while also removing any musty odours.

Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

The Retail Series Destratification fans cater for retail spaces up to 8m high and can be installed into open or exposed ceilings. The retail Series can also be installed into Suspended ceilings where the Airius Suspended Series is not suitable.


Simple to install with an adaptable bail, the unit can be angled to deliver airflow to a specific area or location if required. 


Perfectly suited to open retail areas such as foyers, car showrooms or restaurants, the Retail Series destrat fan range is one of our most versatile and adaptable units. 

Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

At only 254mm high to the rim of the fan and only 406mm high in total including the bail, the Standard Retail Series can fit into the tightest of spaces to take full advantage of the benefits or Airius destratification.


While traditional bladed or box fans require a large space and churn the air inefficiently, Airius fans use our patented technology to achieve major results from a minimal package.

Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

Airius Retail Series destratification fans weigh only 5.2kg, meaning installation doesn’t require extensive anchoring or supporting from the roof, which other types of destratification fans require. You don’t need expensive hanging materials either. Standard chains or cables rated to 26 kg are sufficient to hang and support the Retail Series Destratification fans.


Primitive destratification solutions such as box fans or HVLS fans can be extremely heavy, requiring support from the roof or ceiling structure. This can make installations expensive and disruptive to normal operating activities, significantly impacting costs.

Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

Airius internationally patented multi-vane stator technology transfers rotational energy to create a slow-moving column of air (columnar laminar flow), which increases throw distance. The column of air descends to floor level and through entrainment, circulates all the air in the space at the same speed, balancing temperatures to within 0°C – 2°C.


This uses very low levels of power, as it’s only pushing air through a very small space: the column. As the airflow doesn’t spread out, it doesn’t lose momentum. Then once it reaches floor level, the airflow blankets along the floor in all directions before rising and being re-circulated through the fan. This is a standard feature on all Airius fans and totally unique to Airius.

Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

We know how destratification fans work and can supply experienced design and installation services tailored to benefit your installation goals best.


Our engineering team is supported by our fleet of high-level access equipment including scaffolding and cherry pickers, which helps us control costs and provide affordable installation services. Read more about our electrical installation services

Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

Airius fans are the smart destratification solution. Using patented technology and premium components, Airius fans can make a huge impact from a compact package.


Benefits of Airius destratification fans include:

— Reduce heating costs by 20%-50%

— Reduce cooling costs by 20%-40%

— Reduce CO2 emissions by 20%-50%

— Carbon grant eligible

— Rapid ROI – usually between 12-24 months

— 5 year warranty

— Increases lifespan of lighting, HVAC & equipment

— Maintains optimal working environment

— Quick and easy to install and maintain

— Compatible with HVAC and BMS systems

— Reduces condensation and draughts

— Recycles heat from machinery, lighting, solar gain etc


Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

All Airius fan units come with options for variable speed control with the Airius 1 AMP, 5 AMP and EC wall mounted speed controllers. This allows you to customise your installation to gain maximum efficiency from your Airius system in all seasons.


Our engineers can help you position, install and set-up your destratification fans for maximum performance. 

Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

All Airius destratification fans come as off-white (Cool Gray C) as standard. For installations where colour and aesthetics are a factor, Airius destratification fans can be RAL colour match painted to suit your unique application.


This colour-matching option, combined with our elegant designs, means that you can transform the comfort of your environment without impacting the aesthetics.

Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

Airius destratification and airflow circulation fans are available as either SP (Shaded Pole), PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) or EC (Electronically Commutated) fan motors from leading manufacturer EBM Papst. EC motors are ideal for efficient, quiet applications when operating at less than 100% speed.


Whichever motor option you choose, you are ensured a quiet and efficient motor that will reduce your energy costs for many years. 

Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

Airius destratification and airflow circulation fans are designed to operate 24/7, 365 days a year in order to maintain balanced temperatures. When buildings are unoccupied for periods of time, Airius fans can be installed on timers, integrated into a buildings management system (BMS), or used with wireless controls.


This gives you the flexibility to control your destratification processes automatically and remotely. 



Destratification System Retail Standard Unit

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