Airius Launches The PureAir Series to Improve IAQ & Help Fight The Coronavirus


Airius PureAir Series – Air Purification & Odour Control Destratification Systems

At such a time of concern for people all over the world regarding health, disease and infections, it’s a reassuring announcement that Airius launches the PureAir Series, guaranteed to improve indoor environments.

The Airius PureAir air purification and odour control system reduces viruses, bacteria and gases by up to 99%, as well as mould and odours by over 90%, creating clean, healthy and odour-free indoor spaces.

In workspaces, the Airius PureAir system has been proven to reduce staff absenteeism and increase staff productivity. Simple to install, the units are small, versatile and unobtrusive and the system can also reduce heating and cooling costs by an average of 35%. The system reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 35% and recycles the heat produced from machinery, lighting and heat gain.

Managing director of Airius, Stephen Bridges, said: “Indoor air quality can be defined by a range of criteria. It can be affected by gases, including Carbon Monoxide, Radon, and Volatile Organic Compounds, Particulates, microbial contaminants like Mould, Bacteria, or any mass or energy stressor that can induce adverse health conditions.

“The Airius PureAir is the perfect low-cost solution for hospitals, care homes, doctors and dentist surgeries, children’s nurseries and food preparation facilities in maintaining a clean, healthy and odour-free environment.

“While air is continuously purified by the PureAir’s integrated PHI Cell, manufactured by RGF Environmental, one of the worlds leading specialists in air, water and food purification, the space is also being thermally equalised through destratification, which improves comfort by the elimination of hot and cold spots. This system also reduces energy consumption by balancing floor and ceiling temperatures.”

Air purification is critical in maintaining healthy and welcoming building environments. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and indoor air pollution has a major influence on the health, comfort and wellbeing of building occupants such as customers, staff and patients and with recent health epidemics such as MRSA and SARS, is widely recognised by the Government and leading industry organisations including BRE, FETA and HSE. So it will be of great benefit to these organisations and buildings that Airius launches PureAir the Series.

Research conducted by utility giant DTE Energy found that thermal stratification is the single biggest waste of energy in buildings today, as well as by the Carbon Trust, which recommends destratification as one of its top three carbon-saving measures.