Airius Provides COVID-19 High Risk Residents With PureAir Series


Dorset based fan supplier and airflow experts, Airius, have supplied a local resident with one of their air purification systems to provide an extra level of protection during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Retired Childcare Consultant Anne Whittle-Lord, has been a resident of West Moors for 35 years and is widely recognised within the community. But the recent Coronavirus outbreak has been of great concern to Anne, who turns 72 in July, not least because of her age. 

Anne suffers from numerous health conditions that make her extremely vulnerable to the virus. Having already had a lung removed following a severe case of Pneumonia, Anne also suffers with Bronchiectasis, a chronic lung condition which leaves the lungs open to infection, as well as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Lung Disease, Asthma, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and other conditions which make her especially vulnerable.

“I remember checking the NHS website with my Husband and I had nearly every at-risk condition on there. It was a very scary moment.” Anne commented. “We’ve had to become very strict with self-isolation and anything that comes in from outside. If I caught the virus my body wouldn’t be able to fight it off.”

However, local company Airius have been able to supply Anne with one of their latest Air Purification systems to use in her home during the outbreak, providing Anne and her Husband with a welcomed extra level of protection. “It has been a great relief to not only my Husband and I, but to the whole family to have the Airius fan here.”

The fan incorporates a patented PHI (Photohydroionization) Cell manufactured by RGF Environmental, one of the worlds leading specialists in air, water and food purification, which emits friendly oxidizers that are spread by the fan. These oxidisers bond with harmful viruses, germs and bacteria and through a process of oxidisation breaks them down, rendering them inert and safe.  PHI technology has been proven to kill up to 99% of all surface and 97% of all airborne viruses, germs and bacteria and has already been installed by the Chinese Government to tackle the SARS virus.


“It is still disturbing for Anne hearing the statistics in the media, but having the PureAir Fan here has been a fantastic relief.” Says Anne’s Husband Colin. “I still need to work as a key Electrical Engineer and coming home is always worrying. I have to go through strict decontamination before I can go anywhere near Anne.  But having the Airius fan here continuously cleaning the air and removing any viruses and germs that might get in is very reassuring.” Airius have also donated their air purification fans to other vulnerable and elderly residents in the Bournemouth area for reassurance during the current Pandemic. 

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Airius have supplied over 200,000 destratification fans to businesses, organisations and establishments worldwide. As the The Pureair Series is introduced it will bring clean, fresh air to many thousands of building users across the world’

If you have ever stepped into one of our clients’ premises and thought that the smell of the air was similar to the clean smell following a thunderstorm, you’d be correct. Thunder in the atmosphere cleans outside air using the same ionised hydroperoxides created by the integrated PHI Cell in the Airius PureAir system (although in a much less dramatic way).

Please get in touch with us by calling 01202 554 200 or simply send an email to and we’ll be in touch with further information on the Airius PureAir system.

Based in Dorset, Airius provides destratification fans, LED lighting systems, and electrical engineering services. We work with public sector organisations and businesses to improve physical environment for the staff and the public and to reduce energy expenditure. Our client roster includes British Airways, Harrods, Mercedes, Siemens, Morrisons and Waitrose.