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Business and Tax Management Systems Install Airius PureAir Air & Surface Purification System

Lawyers Protect Clients with Airius PureAir Series

Key Points:
  • Constant round-the-clock protection
  • Airborne & surface purification
  • 99.9% effective at neutralising COVID19
  • Reassurance for both staff and customers
  • Reduces or eliminates allergens
  • Removes unpleasant odours
  • Easily portable for use in other rooms or take home
  • Running costs approx. less than £25 per year


Business and Tax Management Systems (Sistema De Gestion Empresarial Y Tributaria Sl) are a specialist law firm based in Valencia, Spain, focusing on Commercial, Civil and Family Right law.


Considered an essential resource, providers of law services were advised to remain open for face-to-face consultations during the COVID19 pandemic lockdown in Valencia, Spain. This meant that customers and staff were potentially exposed to the virus every time a customer or staff member entered the building, putting not only office occupants at risk, but also their families at home.

Airius PureAir System Purifying Air in an Office


In order to manage the risk of infection in the office during the pandemic, the firm contacted a local contractor who specified the Airius PureAir Designer Series, shown in independent tests to be up to 99.9% effective at neutralising COVID19, as well as being highly portable and adaptable to servicing those areas in greatest need. Following installation there have been no cases of COVID19 reported at the office.


The effect of Airius PureAir Designer Series may not be visible, but the results are unmistakable:

  • • Constant round-the-clock protection
  • • Airborne & surface purification
  • • 99.9% effective at neutralising COVID19
  • • Easily portable for use in other rooms or take home
  • • Reduces or eliminates allergens
  • • Removes unpleasant natural and chemical odours
  • • Reassurance for both staff and customers
  • • Running costs approx. less than £25 per year


The staff and Attorney’s working from the office in Valencia now feel far more reassured and confident that they are protected from infection of the COVID19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus. The air quality now also feels and smells much fresher and cleaner, which has been mentioned by multiple customers visiting the office.

The performance of the system has also been confirmed and verified by an independent contracting engineer using precision equipment, who found that nearly 100% of containments had been removed from the air.


“We installed the AIRIUS PUREAIR PHI system, a new technology apparatus consisting of an air purifier with an axial turbine and photohydroionization.

The system uses UV light projected on to noble metals to generate “ionized hydroperoxides” which deactivate DNA and RNA in microorganisms, viruses and bacteria rendering them inert and safe, whilst also eliminating unpleasant odours. All this without risk to people’s health.

Since we installed the PureAir system in our office we have not had any contagion of COVID from customers or the colleagues who share the office, despite having passed a large number of people through the office in that time.

We also commissioned an independent engineer to evaluate air quality in the office, who verified the purification effectiveness of the PureAir system as close to 100%.”

Jose A. Romero
Associate Attorney
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Benefits of PureAir PHI Technology

Choosing an Airius PureAir PHI Series destratification fan with its integrated PHI Cell is a simple way to reduce bacteria, viruses and odours in your environment.

  • • Continuous purification of air and surfaces
  • • Easy to install in any environment
  • • Kills up to 99%+ of bacteria, germs and viruses
  • • Reduces gases, vapours and VOCs by up to 99%
  • • Reduces odours by up to 72%


Tested and Approved by Leading Agencies

PHI accreditations

Multiple studies have been conducted on Airius PureAir Series PHI Cell technology and they are widely approved for use to control airborne and surface-based bacteria, viruses, smoke and odours.

  • •  Approved by the USDA and FSIS for use in food processing plant
  • •  US military approved for use in field hospitals
  • •  Chinese government approved for use in controlling the SARS virus

Testing carried out by:

  • •  Kansas State University
  • •  Midwest Research Institute
  • •  NELAP Accredited Independent Labs – The NELAC Institute
  • •  California Microbiology Center
  • •  IBR Laboratories
  • •  University of Florida
  • •  United States Air Force
  • •  R&D Labs
  • •  University of Cincinnati
  • •  Kane Regional Hospital
  • • FEMA
  • • NEI-Chinese Government

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Airius fans are commonly used to purify air and balance temperatures for both heating and cooling applications in a wide variety of environments – from homes to warehouses.

Adding an Airius PureAir Series air purification, infection and odour control ventilation fan is a simple way to continually clean the air, creating a safer and healthier environment for your facility.

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