Clean Room Particle & Odour Control


Clean Room Application - Pathogen, Particle & Odour Control System

A Cleanroom is a controlled environment that needs to regulate and minimise pollutants such as dust, microbes, particles and VOCs, typically used in the manufacturing or scientific research industries.

Key Points:
  • Continuous 24/7 protection
  • Significantly improved ventilation
  • Old problem odours removed
  • Airborne & surface purification
  • Removed mould, damp & condensation problems
  • Significant reduction in allergy symptoms

NPBITM Purification: 89.7% Particle Reduction & Odours Eliminated


A new chemical introduced into the manufacturing process was creating odour issues for the employees working in clean rooms and adjoining spaces that shared the same air handling system.

The noxious odour needed to be contained or eliminated to improve the indoor air quality and working conditions for the employees.


The client investigated a number of possible solutions and discovered BiPolar Ionisation technologies as part of their research.

After reviewing a variety of existing installations and case studies, the client specified the in-duct NPBITM system, for its high level of air and surface protection, as well as its low capital cost.


Within 24 hours all the problem odours in the spaces were eliminated. Additionally, the annual clean room certification process revealed that the total particle count had been reduced by 89.7%. This new low particle count was the lowest the manufacturer had experienced in 10 years.

  • • 89.7% particle reduction
  • • Odours eliminated in 24 hours
  • • Provides pathogen neutralisation
  • • Ozone free
  • • No replacement purification parts required
  • • Airborne & surface protection
NPBI Technology used for particle reduction in manufacturing clean room shows 89.7% effectiveness

What is the PureAir+ NPBITM Series

The Airius PureAir+ Series is an air and surface purification and airflow circulation fan system, designed to deliver the highest level of pathogen, particle and odour elimination in any type of indoor commercial or community environment.

Featuring the latest in Needlepoint BiPolar Ionisation (NPBITM) technology from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of indoor air quality systems – Global Plasma Solutions, the PureAir+ Series uses the power of ions to provide continuous round-the-clock sterilisation, neutralising up to 99%+ of all known pathogens, VOCs and odours, in both the air and on surfaces.

The PureAir+ also provides all the features and benefits of the world’s most popular destratification and airflow circulation fan, balancing temperatures, improving comfort, reducing heating and cooling costs and cutting carbon emissions.

How does it work?

The PureAir+ Series integrated GPS NPBITM system emits a high concentration of positive (+) and negative (-) ions, which are circulated into spaces via the fan.

The polarity of the ions attracts them to all particles within the space, causing the particles to cluster together and make them filterable. They also bond with and neutralise pathogens, VOCs and odours by removing them of a hydrogen atom, breaking them down into their basic, harmless and odourless compounds, such as O2, CO2, N2 and H2O.

PureAir NPBI Standard with Ions Tech

Tested and Approved by Leading Agencies

NPBI Accreditation Logos

Multiple studies have been conducted on the NPBITM technology integrated into the Airius PureAir+ Series range, supporting the efficacy and effectiveness of NPBITM systems for pathogen neutralisation, particle reduction and odour elimination.

  • •  Installed through out all industries, including Healthcare, Aviation, Manufacturing, Offices, Education, Arenas, Retail outlets and many more.
  • •  Approved by the RTCA to meet the DO-160 standard for Airborne Equipment
  • •  One of the first purification systems to be tested on a live strain of SARS-CoV-2

Testing carried out by:

  • •  Innovative Bioanalysis
  • •  Harvard School of Public Health
  • •  Retroscreen Virology
  • •  Kitasato Institute Medical Centre
  • •  EMSL Analytical Inc
  • •  Green Clean Air
  • •  Calgary Int. Airport, NAV Canada
  • •  Aachen University of Applied Sciences
  • •  Medical School of Luebeck
  • •  Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control
  • •  School of Advanced Sciences, Hiroshima University

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Airius fans are commonly used to purify air and balance temperatures for both heating and cooling applications in a wide variety of environments – from offices to aircraft hangars.

Adding an Airius PureAir+ Series air purification, infection and odour control ventilation fan is a simple way to continually clean your air and surfaces, creating a safer and healthier environment for you, your staff and your building.

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