How Airius PureAir Systems are Reducing COVID19 in hospitals

Hospital theatre

Dobrich Hospital is an 8 storey public medical facility located in Dobrich city centre in Bulgaria.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, maintaining a clean and safe environment for both patients and staff was a top priority for the hospital.

Executive Director Dr. Georgi Zhelyazkov and his team were investigating solutions to the challenge of reducing patient to patient transmission and protecting the medical staff who were performing emergency surgeries on COVID-positive patients.

An additional layer of difficulty is present for those running busy medical facilities. Due to the number of people passing through these buildings during working hours, any one of them capable of introducing infectious pathogens, it is important that any solution continuously eliminates viruses, bacteria and pathogens in the environment, while not requiring the closure of the area being treated. 

The solution also needed to be chemical-free to protect the health of patients and employees. 

Furthermore, budgetary constraints and the lack of a HVAC system within the Dobrich Hospital meant that the solution had to be quick and simple to install – and be able to work immediately.

“Continuing to maintain a safe, clean environment was a top priority in the Hospital’s COVID 19 response strategy,” Dr. Zhelyazkov says. 

“A number of different purification systems and technologies were considered, but the Airius PureAir system initially stood out due to its cost and its ability to clean both the air and surfaces. 

“Its flexibility and ease of fitting was also an important factor, allowing units to be installed in only a few hours with minimal disruption to the normal operations of the hospital”.

How does the PureAir Series PHI Cell work? 

The Airius PureAir system features a Photohydroionisation (PHI) Cell that utilises a type of UV light to create and distribute purifying oxidation cleaning agents in to the local environment. 

Integrated as part of the fan unit, the PHI cell projects UV light onto a hydrated quad-metallic target, which acts as a catalyst for a reaction that creates the cleansing hydroperoxides, superoxide ions and hydroxide ions. 

Hydroperoxides are what is responsible for the ‘clean air’ smell outside after a thunderstorm. Because they are naturally-occurring they are completely safe for humans to breathe and create a fresh outdoor feel even in indoor environments.

These oxidants circulate continuously throughout the space, neutralising up to 99%+ of pathogens in the air and on surfaces. 

Dobrich Hospital results

After conducting some in-house tests and being impressed with the results, Dobrich Hospital immediately installed the PureAir PHI system in their Orthopaedic department.

This was later extended further to include their Surgical and ER departments as well as to other high traffic areas.

Because Airius PureAir systems can be installed and active within just a few hours, the installation process did not drastically affect the normal operation of the hospital.

Dr. Zhelyazkov comments on the immediate improvement in air quality in the areas that the systems were installed, saying: “There was an immediate effect each time a system was turned on, freshening the air and replacing unpleasant odours with a reassuring clean aroma.”

Directors, staff and patients at Dobrich Hospital have all been impressed with the benefits of the PureAir.

Since the system was installed, every member of staff at the hospital has been tested for COVID 19 a total of 26 times, with 0 positive results.

The added benefits of improved air circulation and destratification (the balancing of temperatures within a room) have created a more comfortable environment for staff and patients alike, even without the presence of an HVAC system in the hospital.

Dr. Zhelyazkov remarked: “The hospital now plans to install Airius PureAir units throughout the rest of the facilities as part of a financially staged roll-out.”

Airius PureAir Series Purifying Hospital Spaces


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PureAir PHI

The PureAir PHI series used Photohydroionisation to produce and release ionised hydroperoxides, a safe, healthy cleaning agent that is naturally present in the atmosphere.

Hydroperoxides efficiently neutralise viruses, volatile gases, bacteria and mould spores by attaching to them, creating a chemical reaction that alters the particles at a cellular level and leaves behind only harmless oxygen and hydrogen molecules and compounds.

Airius’ PureAir PHI Air Purification and Odour Control System is an effective way to improve indoor air quality, a benefit that is magnified during the current pandemic. 

The system works in buildings with ceilings up to 14 metres and more, making it ideal for commercial environments, hospitals, airports and more.

For those trying to ensure the safety of their workplaces throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this purifier offers the next level in air purification. Please visit or call us on 01202 554 200 to find out more.