Kingdom Shopping Centre

Kingdom Shopping Centre Wins Award with Airius Destratification Fans

Kingdom Shopping Centre

Award winning retail shopping centre project which reduced gas consumption by 15% whilst also improving heating comfort

Key Points:
  • 9°C reduction on thermostat
  • Heating Comfort Improved
  • 15%+ gas reduction in 4 months
  • Payback in 12-24 months
  • Winner of ‘The Green Apple – Gold Award’ for environmental best practice

Award Winning Destratification &

Airflow Circulation Project


The Kingdom Shopping Centre is one of the largest single-level indoor shopping centres in Scotland with around 40,000m2 of floorspace.

The centre contains over 100 retail units, featuring brands including Argos, Boots, Sports Direct, Iceland, JD Sports and New Look, as well as a variety of cafés, the town’s central library and theatre/civic centre.


Retailers made requests to the shopping centre to improve heating levels, as units were uncomfortably cold despite the high heating bills. The centre is heated by 20 gas fired air handling units, set to run daily from 8am to 5pm. So, Kingdom set out to find a solution that would not only improve heating comfort, but also conserve energy.


Airius worked with Kingdom Shopping Centre to design and install a series of 26 Airius Destratification fans throughout the Centre, including its 2 squares, central walkway, theatre and library. Installation was completed out of hours to avoid any disruption to normal opening hours. The results exceeded expectations and improved the comfort of shoppers and workers in the Centre, whilst reducing the amount of energy used by 15%. This reduction in gas usage over a four month period enabled significant reductions in the cost and carbon emissions. The project was such a success that it was awarded ‘The Green Apple – Gold Award’ for environmental best practice.


  • • 9°C reduction on thermostat
  • • Heating Comfort Improved
  • • 15%+ gas reduction in 4 months
  • • Payback in 12-24 months
  • • Winner of ‘The Green Apple – Gold Award’ for environmental best practice
Kingdom Shopping Centre Recieving Green Apple Award


“I would recommend Airius Destratification Fans to other organisations and communities, especially if they have high roofs, ceilings or atriums, where the warm air rises, is trapped and wastes precious fossil fuels.”

John Bell – Kingdom Shopping Centre
Operations Manager


Formed in 2004, we have revolutionised the industry with our market leading thermal destratification systems, which have helped improve airflow circulation and balance the internal temperatures in public and commercial buildings all around the globe. As testament to the efficiency of the Airius system, we have built up an extensive and prestigious global client base including well-known brands like Boots, British Airways, Mercedes, Morrisons and many more.

We can help you cut your costs with our thermal destratification systems, which recirculates accumulated warm air collected at the top of a building back down to the ground through an invisible column of air. This is then redistributed at floor level, recycling the heat which you have already supplied to the space, reducing the output and workload on your heating system. It also works with cooling. By continuously circulating the heavier and denser cooled air evenly throughout the space in its entirety, it eliminates hot and cold spots and ensures conditions are balanced for all.

When you choose Airius, you will be investing in the most effective thermal destratification system available on the market with an average ROI of between 6 – 24 months. Airius are also the only destratification fan supplier in the world to offer an unrivalled 120 day money back guarantee (terms and conditions apply).