Kingspace Outdoor Living

LED lighting scheme to create a magical, festive atmosphere

We were asked to design and install a lighting solution for the different structures at the prestigious Kingspace Outdoor living centre in Longham, Dorset.

They have many external structures and each one was to be lit from different angles and using different colours and techniques we were able to turn the site into a stunning Christmas landscape for their exclusive Festive launch weekend.

We designed a bi-colour up/downlight for the 2 large trees on their site using green LEDs to shine up powerfully into the foliage then a warm white to shine below onto the specially built white stone rockery at the base of each tree.

The ‘Gingerbread House’ became the focal point and also the base for Santa to set up his grotto for the Children to visit him with White LED ribbon shining out from underneath the eaves. Truly a magnificent creation.

Above the large swimming pool and above the white nets of the entrance gazebo we installed Ultra Violet LED strip to make the sparkling water ‘come alive’, as well as giving the white nets a vivid hue of brilliant white.