Leap Fit Video Testimonial

Three-time British long jump champion, Commonwealth Games finalist, European Athletics Championship finalist and founder of Leap Fit fitness studio (www.leapfit.co.uk), JJ Jegede, explains why he chose Airius destratification and airflow circulation cooling fans as the cooling solution for his fitness studio.

Launched in March 2020, Leap Fit is an independent fitness studio based in Dalston, London. During summer months the studio would suffer from overheating problems, amplified by the typical glass frontage common to fitness and gym facilities.

Whilst searching for a solution JJ discovered Airius as an effective, low cost, environmentally alternative to traditional air conditioning.

The installation of the Airius system not only resolved the overheating problem in the studio but also addressed condensation and damp issues. Clients now also benefit from spot cooling during their recovery sessions, maximising the benefits of their training.

Futhermore, the Airius system was 50% cheaper in comparison to the capital costs of installing air conditioning and only uses a fraction of the energy, resulting in low running costs and minimal carbon emissions.