Lighting In Retail And the Benefits Of Using LED

Benefits Of LED Lighting In Retail Applications

Lighting in Retail can have a big impact on your Business. Whether you’re running a small convenience store, independent bar or a large chain of 24-hour gyms, bright, clean lighting is required in order to deliver customer satisfaction and boost sales.

When searching for a product instore, customers expect to be able to browse in a comfortable and well-lit environment. Retail stores that feature poor quality lighting fail to illuminate your goods effectively and don’t engage the customer, running the risk that customers might leave the premises to make their purchases elsewhere.

Showcasing your products in an engaging manner is key for any successful retail business. For example, in supermarkets – and we’ve worked with many – aisles should be well illuminated to ensure customers can easily identify and located different product sections, whilst shelving units should be strategically lit to highlight promotional offers and tempt shoppers with an impulse purchase.

In 2018, the lighting market in the UK was estimated to be worth approximately £2.5 billion – an increase of nearly 50% since 2013, with a significant portion of this being attributed to retail businesses. A key driver for this is the rapidly growing LED lighting market which continues to gain a significant share in the non-domestic sector.

What Are The Advantages Of LED Lighting in Retail?

There are a number of benefits of using LED lights over out dated, traditional and inefficient forms of lighting, including:

Long Lasting

LED lights typically last between 15,000-20,000 hours, compared to a mere 1,000 hours for traditional filament light bulbs. Airius LED lights, meanwhile, have an unrivalled lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.

Energy Efficient

As they consume up to 90% less energy than traditional LED light bulbs, over the course of one bulb’s lifetime, the average user could save a significant amount of money on their energy bills. Unlike older types of lighting, LED light bulbs can also be safely recycled.

Environmentally Friendly

LED lights are classed as environmentally friendly and a ‘green technology’ as they require relatively small amounts of electrical energy compared with more traditional types of lighting. In addition, LED lights don’t use harmful chemicals such as mercury which is present in older types of lighting.

More Durable

As LED lighting is made up of a solid-state bulb, unlike less stable filament light bulbs, they are more adept at dealing with fluctuations in temperature as well as vibrations, knocks and bumps, making them more suitable for a wider range of uses.

Lower Heat Output

LED bulbs don’t emit infrared heat, giving them a significant advantage over traditional filament bulbs. As well as reducing heat leakage by up to 90%, LED lights are less of a fire risk than older forms of lighting such as incandescent bulbs which can produce excessive amounts of heat.

Why Choose An Airius Retail LED Lighting Solution?

Our state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions are engineered to last longer, saving retail businesses up to 75% on their energy bills and up to 90% on maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting systems. For retailers, LED lights can help showcase your products and drive footfall by providing a clean, bright and comfortable shopping experience. There are a number of additional benefits to choosing Airius technology for your retail LED lighting, including:

LED Lighting For UK And International Retail Businesses

Retail lighting is all about creating a comfortable browsing and shopping experience for customers. In-store lighting is important not only for showcasing your products in an attractive manner for potential buyers and for illuminating instore displays, but also for producing an enjoyable ambience that makes customers want to return to your store time and time again.

As well as benefitting the environment and your bottom line, well executed LED lighting can be used to capture customers’ imagination and drive sales. Lighting is proven to be one of the strongest ways of providing comfort and building excitement in the retail environment. Having worked on eye-catching and energy efficient lighting solutions for a range of leading retail businesses worldwide, we’ve highlighted some of our most popular LED lighting products for various industries below.

Shops, Bars & Restaurants

Featuring industry-leading components – including our own proprietary cooling systems – our Mozart range of Architectural LED lighting combines unrivaled performance with unmatched energy efficiency. Primarily used outdoors for bright, high-impact illumination for shops, bars and restaurants, the Mozart line of LED lighting is a real eye-catcher.

Petrol Stations & Forecourts

Aimed at retail locations such as petrol stations and forecourts as well as indoor parking, storage and industrial facilities, our Copernicus range of LED Canopy lighting leads the pack in terms of affordability, performance and adaptability. Using our proprietary, market-leading designs and world-class components to deliver significant cost savings, the Copernicus range is one of our most popular LED lighting systems.

Supermarkets, Gyms & Retail Warehouses

Our Archimedes range of high-bay LED lighting uses innovative heat pipe technology which can replace traditional metal halide lights of up to 1000W. Easy to install and maintain, our Airius LED lights are typically used by supermarkets, gyms and retail warehouses to dramatically reduce energy consumption and provide a bright and vibrant retail environment.

Are You Interested In LED Lighting For Your Retail Business?

At Airius, we supply market-leading LED products to retailers, both large and small. If you choose to work with us, you’ll be in good company as we’ve provided energy-saving LED light solutions to a range of well-known businesses throughout the UK and wider world, including the likes of Tesco, ASDA, Boots, Waitrose, M&S, Walmart, John Lewis and McDonald’s.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly team today. Contact us by calling 01202 554 200 or send us an email at and we’ll be happy to provide you with further information on our range of LED lighting products for retail businesses.