Making offices safer and healthier

Making office spaces safer with Airius air purification systems


According to Korn Ferry (a global HR consulting firm) 50% of worldwide workers are afraid to return to their offices despite social distancing practices that have been implemented, such as limiting occupancy, employee temperature scanning, face masks, special workspace accommodations, additional cleaning measures, etc. (source: Nov issue of Modern Building Services on NPBI, by David Schurk.)

Unfortunately, little is yet really known with regard to the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes the disease COVID-19. Preliminary research indicates this virus (like many others) can be transported within the air as fine or ultra-fine submicron particles, further classified as droplet nuclei. These are the result of respiratory fluids which are aerosolized when expelled to the indoor environment by an infected individual who may be coughing, sneezing, talking, or breathing. These aerosol droplets include mucosal and saliva fluids containing an assortment of liquids, salts, viruses, bacteria, volatile compounds, etc. (source: Nov issue of Modern Building Services on NPBI, by David Schurk.)

Companies and employees are wrestling with what the new balance should be moving forwards with regards to days working in the office or days working from home – and the considerations are huge. There is the team dynamic to consider, the importance of networking, individual needs for work-life balance and concerns over the health and wellbeing for all to name but a few.

2. Returning to the office?

Workplaces have been through a challenging time over the last 18 months with enforced working from home changing employee behaviours, needs and aspirations. What is the new norm and what role will workplaces play in the future?

Great workplaces are about more than just work.

While they’ve always been about people working together toward common goals, today’s employees expect health and wellness to be built into the offices and buildings where they spend time. Whether that’s one, two, or five days a week, the pandemic has made it clear that if employees are coming back to the office, it must be to a place they enjoy. (source: Institute of real estate management 06/21)

The global health crisis heightened awareness of building wellness, and its impact on building occupants. A recent survey by HarrisX revealed that 61% of building managers plan to add health and wellness services to their properties, with 86% reporting that the safety, health and wellbeing of employees is the highest priority in their return-to-office strategy. (source: Institute of real estate management 06/21)

Now that employees and employers have made health and wellbeing a priority, building owners and managers are challenged by updates that motivate healthy behaviours, and support a sense of overall wellbeing. Among these updates and upgrades are ensuring cleaner, non-toxic air, melding outdoor spaces with indoor spaces, allowing for more natural light, more greenery everywhere, and a breath of nature. Research continues to show that when we connect with nature, our overall health and emotional health is improved. (source: Institute of real estate management 06/21)

How can Airius help?

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Airius has a range of unique air purification solutions that help businesses and homes to improve their working and living environments.

Airius PureAir PHI air and surface purification systems are a cost-effective and efficient solution used by customers all over the world to keep their environments clean, healthy and odour free.

Incorporating the latest in Photohydroionisation technology, Airius PureAir systems have been proven to be up to 99% effective at reducing viruses (including COVID19), bacteria, VOCs, mould and odours.

  • •  Provides continuous 24/7 purification and protection.
  • •  Neutralises up to 99% of bacteria & viruses.
  • •  Through advanced air purification, natural, safe, cleaning agents are circulated into the space, sterilising the whole room.
  • •  Airborne & surface protection.
  • •  Eliminates mould & odours.
  • •  Reduces gases, vapours, VOCs, dust, pollen & other allergens.
  • •  Reduces staff absenteeism.

Too good to be true? How does it work?

Ionised Hydroperoxides (iHP) have been naturally occurring in our air since the beginning of time. Lightning, water and sun all create hydrogen peroxides.  They have become known as ‘Mother Nature’s Cleaning Agent’ and are what make the air smell clean after a thunderstorm. We may be familiar with Hydrogen-Peroxide, which has been used by the medical community for 170 years and is considered the safest oxidizer available (after oxygen). 

Photohydroionisation (PHI®) uses a broad spectrum, high efficiency UV bulb working with a hydrated quad-metallic target. This acts as a catalyst for a reaction that produces an advanced oxidation plasma consisting of Hydroperoxides, Super Oxide Ions, passive Negative Ions, Hydroxides and Ozonide Ions. These safe and naturally occurring ions and oxides are attracted to and bond with pathogens, VOCs, bioeffluents and odours, breaking down their molecular structure and rendering them inert, safe and odour free. After the bonding process these friendly oxidisers revert back to Oxygen and Hydrogen. Being ionised with a charge also helps particles to mass together improving filtration efficiency.

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Where has this worked?

Harewood Dental Surgery Keep Patients and Staff Safe with Airius PureAir Air Purification

Harewood Dental Surgery

The Airius PureAir System Ensuring a Safe Environment for staff and paitents

Established over 40 years, Harewood Dental Surgery is a Private and NHS Dental Practice based in Surrey, offering a wide range of Preventative, Cosmetic & Restorative Dental treatments.

In response to the COVID19 Pandemic, Harewood Dental Surgery needed to find a solution to help provide protection and reassurance for their staff and patients against the threat of infection from Coronavirus and other harmful pathogens. They had researched other air purification systems, but they did not clean surfaces or offer continuous instant protection against contaminants brought into the surgery.

Our Sales and Support Team worked closely with the surgery to design an Air Purification Solution that met their needs. Incorporating the latest technology, the Airius PureAir Series was specified for installation in each of their dental theatres and patient waiting room. The units were simple to install over the course of 1 day and now provide the client with safe, clean air, eliminating up to 99.99% of all harmful viruses, germs & bacteria.

Harewood Dental Surgery is very happy following installation, reassured that they are breathing safe air:

Since installation, Harewood Dental Surgery has reopened and the results have been fantastic. Not only are the staff happy that they are protected with the latest in air purification technology, but patients are also reassured by the fresh purifying aroma from the PureAir system’s active cleaning agents in the air.                       

O2 TV SPort trust in Airius Air Purification

O2 TV Sport

Airius fans provide a safe environment for presenters and guests in the O2 TV Sport broadcast studio

02 TV Sport Install Airius PureAir air purification

In July 2021, O2 TV Sport unveiled a new multi-functional TV studio that features the latest technology to deliver the most authentic experience possible. But also new in terms of technology, are special fans located in the main studio and its adjacent offices, which aim to provide the highest possible comfort and safe environment for presenters and guests.

“In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, we decided to partner with Safe Air, which supplies special Airius fans. These provide continuous air purification in our new studio and adjacent office, giving all presenters and guests a sense of comfort in the shared spaces,” said Jan Radej, Head of Sales & Marketing at O2 TV Sport.

AIRIUS PureAir is designed to clean the air and surfaces in indoor spaces. It destroys up to 99.9% of viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, germs, mould spores, pollen and odours.


Many companies and households have huge challenges to face with energy price rises, especially these

Many companies and households have huge challenges to face with the recent Omicron variant identified and appearing to be more transmissible than the Delta variant – these trends are likely to continue throughout 2022.

At Airius “we love what we do and we want to help!”

Through air purification we are improving living and working conditions for all. With our fans, we are reducing costs for businesses and reducing energy consumption to lessen the impact of climate change and make a real contribution towards the protection of our environment.

Through our unique expertise, passion, customer dedication and the best technology, Airius will deliver unparalleled comfort and protection.

We provide the whole service – advice, design, installation, service and maintenance.

We are here to help!