Making spaces safer and healthier by optimising ventilation

Airius Systems Improve Ventilation without Venting Excess Heat


Amidst the concern of potential acceleration of the Omicron variant of Coronavirus, the risk of restrictions on social interaction and behaviour increases. Omicron was first identified in South Africa and is a variant of the Coronavirus with a number of mutations from the original version. It is still early days and further analysis is required, but already we have seen in the UK the recent lifting of the red list for those travelling to and from some countries, and the mandatory 10-day self-isolation, recently reduced to 7 days, for those who come into contact with Omicron.

There is hope and there are things that can be done, however, not only to protect you against Coronavirus but indeed to improve the environment altogether.

2.  Ventilation & COVID19

According to government advice, the ventilation of spaces is a crucial part in the fight against Coronavirus.

Ventilation is the process of introducing fresh air into indoor spaces while removing stale air. Letting fresh air into indoor spaces can help remove air that contains virus particles and prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

But this removal of air conflicts with your heating system, which wants to retain as much heat in the space as possible.

When someone with COVID-19 breathes, speaks, coughs or sneezes, they release particles (droplets and aerosols) containing the virus that causes COVID-19. While larger droplets fall quickly to the ground, aerosols containing the virus can remain suspended in the air. If someone breathes in virus particles that are suspended in the air, they can become infected with COVID-19. This is known as airborne transmission.

In poorly ventilated rooms or buildings, the amount of virus in the air can build up, increasing the risk of spreading COVID-19, especially if there are lots of infected people in the room. The virus can also remain in the air after an infected person has left.

How Ventilation Helps Clean Your Air

Bringing fresh air into a room and removing older stale air that contains virus particles reduces the chance of spreading COVID-19. The more fresh air that is brought inside, the quicker any airborne virus will be removed from the room or space.

Ventilation is of course crucially important in shared spaces such as homes, offices and public spaces, particularly, if someone  tests positive for COVID-19. You can pass COVID-19 on to others if you only have mild symptoms or even no symptoms at all.

Good ventilation has also been linked to health benefits such as better sleep and fewer sick days off from work or school. (source:

So, how do you maintain effective ventilation and air quality without venting heat and increasing heating costs significantly?

How can Airius help?

Reme Ion Air Purifier Optimises Ventilation Efficiency

Actively purifying indoor air prevents the build up of viruses and pollutants by neutralising them at the source, putting much less demand on ventilation to extract contaminants.  This allows you to minimise the volume of air and heat that’s vented outside, which during the cold winter season can be a costly expense, compounded by rising energy prices. As the heat being extracted is minimised, maintaining comfort and keeping spaces warm is also much easier.

Airius has a range of unique air purification solutions that help to improve your working and living environments – particularly as many more people now work from home, blurring the work and personal life separations of the past.

The innovative and portable Reme Ion air purifier by Airius (RGF Environmental) silently cleans the air you breathe and surfaces you touch, significantly reducing the presence of viruses, bacteria, pollen, odours, mould and airborne chemicals in your home, office, hotel, kitchen, bathroom or any space with a  3-pin power outlet.

Through an advanced oxidisation technology, the Airius (RGF) Reme Ion air purifier  actively floods spaces with friendly ions and hydroperoxides, known as Mother Nature’s cleaning agents,  significantly reducing the presence of viruses and bacteria, of harmful pathogens, pollutants, particles and odours within spaces, providing you, your family and your customers, with fresh, clean and virus free air.

Too good to be true? What does it do?

The Airius (RGF) REME ION™ air purifier improves air quality by efficiently neutralising pathogens, allergens, odour, mould, bacteria, and VOCs (airborne chemicals). Employing REME-LED™ technology, advanced oxidation and ionisation, the REME ION™ quietly cleans the air you breathe, whilst also sterilising all surfaces.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of the Reme Ion and with a 120 day money back guarantee there are no risks!

  • ∙ Neutralises up to 94% airborne bacteria & viruses

  • ∙ Reduces surface bacteria by up to 99%

  • ∙ Reduces odours by up to 100%

  • ∙ Reduces VOCs by up to 90%

  • ∙ Reduces airborne mould by up to 97%

  • ∙ Reduces mould on bread surface by 88% and extends shelf life by 4 days

  • ∙ 120day money back guarantee (UK only)
  • ∙ Portable, light weight and compact unit

  • ∙ Can be fitted in any space with a 3-pin plug outlet

  • ∙ Highly energy efficient using only 5 watts

  • ∙ Cost effective, adaptable Indoor Air Quality solution

  • ∙ No filter or replacement parts

  • ∙ Minimal maintenance required

  • ∙ Near silent operation
Reme Ion Active Air Purification Working in Unison with Ventilation

So where has this worked?

Airius PureAir Reme Ion Installed in Dandi Living Apartments

Dandi Living is a London based housing developer responsible for a pipeline of 2,000 homes in and around London, with plans to build another 15,000 homes in White City, Clapham, Queen’s Park and Luton as part of their expansion. Specialising in co-living developments, Dandi Living incorporates innovative space-saving flexible interiors into each 25m2 co-living flat.

Operating since 1986, Dandi aims to deliver a great physical experience to their tenants. “We really concentrated on the physical aspect of co-living. What you see, feel, smell, was all part and parcel of Dandi,” says Dandi’s Founder, Ali Ravanshad.

As part of this, Dandi wanted to include an innovative air purification system that would complement their smart space designs which improve the living experience of tenants. These include a bed that rises into the ceiling revealing a skylight, foldaway kitchens and homes designed to provide various modes over the course of a day: sleep, work-study, dine and unwind.

Dandi has installed over 350 of the small, easy-to-install, Reme Ion air purifiers throughout their buildings. This is the first housing development in the UK to install the innovative devices that will improve the wellbeing of residents and reduce the risk of airborne and surface viruses such as COVID19 by up to 99%.


Many companies and households have huge challenges to face with the recent Omicron variant identified and appearing to be more transmissible than the Delta variant. These trends are likely to continue throughout 2022.

At Airius “we love what we do and we want to help!”

We are improving living and working conditions for all through air purification.  We are reducing costs for businesses and reducing energy consumption to lessen the impact of climate change, making a real contribution towards the protection of our environment.

Through our unique expertise, passion, customer dedication and the best technology, Airius will deliver unparalleled comfort and protection.

We provide the whole service – advice, design, installation, service and maintenance.

We are here to help!