Newmarket Motors

Newmarket Motors installed the Airius system to address unbalanced temperatures in their Cork showroom. Conditions were too hot on the first floor and too cold on ground floor.

Following installation this problem was eliminated, with the added benefit that the workload from the AC system was highly reduced.

Key Points:
  • Approx. 12°C heating reduction.
  • A/C settings reset from ‘high’ to ‘low’.
  • Heating reduced by @ 24 hours per week.
  • Conditions resolved by recirculating 1st floor high temperatures down to ground floor level where conditions were too cold, thus also solving ground floor low temperature problem.

VW Showroom (Cork) – Destratification Fan Systems

Newmarket Motors needed to resolve the uncomfortably high temperatures experienced on their first floor and the uncomfortably low temperatures found on their ground floor, which were creating unsuitable conditions for their staff to work in.

The Airius destratificaion system was simple and quick to install and not only resolved the temperature imbalance, but also highly reduced the output, workload and operating times required from the A/C system offering significant savings on their energy costs.

“The owner had expressed he was having problems with uneven temperatures between the upstairs offices and downstairs offices and showroom. Staff upstairs were too hot and the staff downstairs were working with their coats on at times. The Showroom has 3 sides of glass, floor to roof. They have 4 combined heating/cooling units with the temperature set at between 30 – 33°C with 4 blowers set to maximum.

We installed 3 Airius Model 25’s. The temperature on the A/C units have now been reset at between 18–22°C with the 4 blowers on the low setting and 2 of these are turned off intermittently for approx. 2–4 hours per day. Staff on both floors commented on the lovely comfortable temperature in comparison to before the system was fitted. These have been monitored during the cold spell of weather that we are experiencing at the moment.”

Sean Browne – Dealer Principal