Pilatus Aviation


Replacement LED High Bay Lighting

This project for Pilatus Aviation involved replacing their existing 450w Sodium lamps and replacing with much more efficient 200w LED fittings.

After performing an energy audit we supplied the client with our results and huge cost savings available as well as Dialux plans to show the massive increase of LUX levels that we would be able to achieve. This was particularly important due to the nature of specialist works involved when the technicians were servicing the aircraft engines.

The end result was a massive success for the client, we increased the perimeter light over the work stations from 90 lux to a whopping 350 lux and the centre of the hanger went from 120 to 680!

As well as this refit we also implemented upgrades to their fire escape plan and added LED emergency fittings to the escape routes.  All works were completed over 2 days and during a holiday period as requested by the client when there was the least movements by the aircraft.