Benefits of Destratification in Showrooms & Glass Buildings

Showroom Destratification in Mercedes from Airius

Showroom destratification systems have been proven to bring great benefits to glazed wall buildings.

When customers are considering buying a product – particularly ones with high price tags such as vehicles and machinery – it is essential that they’re able to browse and explore items in a comfortable environment. A relaxing atmosphere is proven to increase browse time, leading to more customers and increased sales.

Comfort is also important for workers too. If your staff are able to carry out their daily duties in a comfortable working environment, then productivity will improve, ultimately leading to a boost for your bottom line.

In certain building types, however, consistently keeping the temperature at an appropriate level can be a difficult balancing act. Glazed buildings such as showrooms, dealerships and modern offices, often suffer from extremes of temperature.

Glass-walled car showrooms with high ceilings, for example, have a tendency to ramp up energy bills as the heat rises from ground level and away from staff and customers on the shop floor. Showrooms and offices also suffer from the ‘greenhouse effect’, leading to uncomfortably high temperatures.

At Airius, our showroom destratification systems help solve this issue by redirecting trapped hot air back to ground level during the winter months. In summer, meanwhile, our market-leading fans circulate air throughout the building to deliver a natural cooling effect, helping to reduce costs and improve a business’s carbon footprint.

What are the benefits of purchasing a showroom destratification system for my dealership or office?

If your business is based in a glazed or glass-walled building such as a showroom, dealership or modern office space, you’re probably aware that existing air conditioning HVAC units can be ineffective and inefficient.

At Arius, however, our showroom destratification units help companies significantly reduce their energy expenditure by offering an affordable and efficient energy solution. And, with up to 70% of an average business’s energy bill spent on heating and cooling, this offers a significant saving.

With a typical return on investment within just two years, our range of robust and adaptable fan units solve the problem of variable air temperatures by recycling rising hot air and falling cold air to produce more efficient, economical and comfortable levels of heat distribution throughout glass-walled businesses.

We supply a wide range of destratification fans for glazed showrooms, dealerships and office spaces that can be effortlessly installed with the minimum amount of fuss or technical know-how. Our market-leading air circulation system also helps to reduce – and in many cases, eliminate – condensation and fogging forming on windows and glass-fronted display areas, making sure your products are always on display.

How can a showroom destratification system help my business?

Air conditioning and heating is a significant cost for any business, let alone ones with glazed frontages. Energy consumption can account for up to 50% of a businesses total energy spend so in order to reduce costs and increase productivity, it’s important to find an efficient heating and cooling solution.

At Airius, our destratification systems solve this problem. By recycling internal airflow to optimise temperatures, our fully guaranteed fan units provide a consistent level of comfort throughout glass-fronted buildings and retail premises, whilst reducing the costs associated with existing air conditioning and HVAC systems.

Working with a wide range of UK businesses including high street brands, Airius have helped thousands of companies dramatically cut their energy spend. What’s more, our robust destratification units are recommended by the Carbon Trust as a top energy saving measure.

Why should I install a showroom destratification system in my glass-walled business?

If you are looking to improve comfort levels for your customers and staff – resulting in increased browse time and productivity, respectively – and reduce your carbon footprint, energy bills and usage, our market-leading destratification systems offer the perfect, and most affordable, solution for the job.

What’s more, all our fully guaranteed destratification fans are expertly engineered to recycle the warm and cool air generated by your existing air conditioning and HVAC systems, making sure air is distributed evenly and efficiently throughout your building. Airius destratification fans provide a wealth of benefits for businesses with glass-fronted premises, including:

How are destratification systems installed?

Whatever the size of your glass-walled business – whether you’re a small garage or a large chain of car showrooms – at Arius our destratification fans are designed to be easily installed. In addition, our systems – which carry a five year guarantee – require very little ongoing maintenance.

When you purchase an Airius showroom destratification system, our team of skilled and knowledgeable installers will work with you to fit your units, whatever the size of your business and whatever industry you’re in. As mentioned, all our destratification fans are designed to work alongside any existing HVAC systems, eliminating the need for any costly reconfiguration work.

Do you need a destratification system for your glass-walled business?

Airius are leaders in providing efficient, fully guaranteed destratification systems for a wide range of retail businesses and workspaces, both large and small. By purchasing one of our destratification heating and cooling systems, your business can benefit from significant cost reductions to your energy bills.

In addition to providing a pleasurable environment for both customers and staff to browse and work in, our market-leading fan units can help you reduce your energy usage and carbon emissions significantly.

Why not call us now on 01202 554200 to see how we can help you save an average of 35% on your energy expenditure.