The Beacon Hospital

Beacon Hospital

The Beacon Hospital - Irelands Leading Private Hospital

Located in South Dublin, the Beacon Hospital is one of the most technologically advanced private hospital’s in Europe, with 180 inpatients beds, 1,400 healthcare professionals and 300 consultants.

Key Points:
  • Continuous 24/7 protection
  • Significantly improved ventilation
  • Old problem odours removed
  • Airborne & surface purification
  • Removed mould, damp & condensation problems
  • Significant reduction in allergy symptoms

Airius PureAir: Virus Protection in Hospital


As one of the leading Hospitals not only in Ireland but also across the wider continent of Europe, the Beacon Hospital set out to source an air and surface purification solution that would not only provide the highest level of protection for its patients and staff, but one that also incorporated the latest in cutting edge technology, reinforcing its title of a leading advanced healthcare provider.


After carrying out some extensive research on the wide array of purification systems available, the Beacon Hospital selected the Airius PureAir system to be installed within its clinics and workshop facilities.

Installation was carried out by their own contractor, Ermen Systems and was completed with minimal disruption to the Hospital.


The effect of Airius PureAir Series may be invisible, but the results are unmissable:

  • • Continuous 24/7 protection
  • • Airborne & surface purification
  • • 99.9% effective at neutralising COVID19
  • • Vastly safer environment for vulnerable people
  • • Significantly improved ventilation
  • • All problem odours removed
  • • VOCs and chemical vapours neutralised
  • • Improved comfort and reduction in heating bills


Both patients and staff at Beacon Hospital feel more reassured and protected against communicable diseases, including COVID19 and the PureAir System has now become a core component of the Hospital’s Infection Prevention Control strategy, with plans to install more units throughout their facility.


“We have installed a number of Airius fans over the last couple of months and intend to continue to do so. We have installed these in workshops and clinics and have found the air to be fresher, more comfortable and all odours and smells have been eradicated.

It has created an area of confidence among staff and patients that they are being protected. We have also noticed we have reduced our heating settings with the benefit of savings on energy costs.
The resident facility management company who look after the Beacon Mall have also committed to rolling these units out in September.”

Sean Penston – Director of Facilities, Beacon Hospital

Benefits of PureAir PHI Technology

Choosing an Airius PureAir PHI Series destratification fan with its integrated PHI Cell is a simple way to reduce bacteria, viruses and odours in your environment.

  • • Continuous purification of air and surfaces
  • • Easy to install in any environment
  • • Kills up to 99%+ of bacteria, germs and viruses
  • • Reduces gases, vapours and VOCs by up to 99%
  • • Reduces odours by up to 72%


Tested and Approved by Leading Agencies

PHI accreditations

Multiple studies have been conducted on Airius PureAir Series PHI Cell technology and they are widely approved for use to control airborne and surface-based bacteria, viruses, smoke and odours.

  • •  Approved by the USDA and FSIS for use in food processing plant
  • •  US military approved for use in field hospitals
  • •  Chinese government approved for use in controlling the SARS virus

Testing carried out by:

  • •  Kansas State University
  • •  Midwest Research Institute
  • •  NELAP Accredited Independent Labs – The NELAC Institute
  • •  California Microbiology Center
  • •  IBR Laboratories
  • •  University of Florida
  • •  United States Air Force
  • •  R&D Labs
  • •  University of Cincinnati
  • •  Kane Regional Hospital
  • • FEMA
  • • NEI-Chinese Government

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Airius fans are commonly used to purify air and balance temperatures for both heating and cooling applications in a wide variety of environments – from homes to warehouses.

Adding an Airius PureAir Series air purification, infection and odour control ventilation fan is a simple way to continually clean the air, creating a safer and healthier environment for your facility.

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