The Benefits of a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) System at Home


In 21st century Britain, we are spending more and more of our time in the home. As technology progresses and working from home becomes more commonplace, it’s increasingly important that our homes are healthy spaces.

One way to ensure this is to look into installing a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system into your home.

What is a Positive Input Ventilation system?

A Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system is an advanced domestic appliance that improves the quality of air and reduces levels of contaminants around the home. The technology works by circulating fresh air throughout the home, ensuring there is no build up of damp or contamination that can cause harm to the building and those that live in it.

What are the consequences of too much condensation in the house?

Condensation is a big issue for Britain’s homeowners, with more than half of British properties experiencing its damaging consequences. Condensation is caused by a build-up of excess moisture in the air which forms damp patches when it hits cool surfaces. This can create damp patches around the home or streaming of water down windows indoors.

This is a common sight in homes particularly throughout the winter months when temperatures tend to drop outside. Even everyday activities in the home such as washing, cooking and drying clothes indoors can add to these moisture levels and create visible markers of condensation throughout the property.

If left untreated, areas of black mould will eventually develop dangerous spores which are released into the air. These can cause a range of health problems for people who breathe them in, such as coughs and sore throats. They can also exacerbate existing respiratory conditions such as asthma and hay fever. A humid environment is also a breeding ground for dust mites, which tend to multiply quickly in these conditions.

Ensuring adequate ventilation is the key to eradicating condensation. By introducing fresh air into the home, the moisture laden stale air within is forced out and the problem is resolved very quickly. But while homes both new and old normally have some level of ventilation such as extractor fans in the bathrooms and kitchens and trickle vents in the windows, many properties still suffer from condensation. A PIV system can help eliminate condensation and stop these nasty effects from occurring.

What other kinds of contaminants can be found in the home?

As well as moisture, there are a range of biological and chemical contaminants which are commonly found in residential properties. Viruses, bacteria, and fungal spores are omni present in badly ventilated homes, as are volatile organic compounds which are given of from cosmetics, perfumes and cleaning products, which can lead to health issues if inhaled.

Radon gas is a contaminant found in the home which can be particularly damaging. The World Health Organisation have even reported that the gas – which naturally occurs in rocks and soil – is a cause of certain types of cancer.

As these substances build-up in the home, it’s important to think about ventilation and maintaining a decent throughput of clean air. This is where a ventilation solution such as a PIV appliance can help, by stopping the accumulation of harmful particulates and pathogens in the home before they become a risk to health.

What are the benefits of a Positive Input Ventilation system?

In the post Covid-19 era, our wellbeing at work and in commercial environments is firmly under the spotlight. Employee safety is at the top of the agenda and businesses are having to look carefully at how healthy their workplaces really are.

Indoor commercial spaces such as open-plan offices, business units and factories have long been breeding grounds for office germs and bugs. Once the infection is introduced into the building it is all too common that is spreads like wild fire and causes misery to those afflicted, as well as significant disruption to the employer.

Now that home working has become the norm for millions up and down the country these same problems need addressing more than ever before. Due to people living and working in their homes the conditions for moisture and contamination levels to rise to previously unprecedented levels are rife. Finding solutions to these issues are essential for us to maintain a healthy and productive living environment, particularly now.

It is an invisible problem but one that has a very visible impact. It can create poor productivity, increase workplace stress and affect the wellbeing of the workforce at what is already an unsettling time.

A Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system is one easy to install and cost effective solution to the problem of indoor contamination. By ensuring that the stale air inside is replaced by fresh air outside, contamination issues simply do not arise.

The Airius PureAir PIV system

The Airius PureAir PIV system draws in air from the outdoors and passes it through a fan, usually located in the loft, into the main household space. Because the air is pressurised through through the fan and pumped into the home, contaminated air is forced out through the natural leakage points and fresh air is maintained throughout the property.

Just one fan will provide adequate ventilation for an entire property for a very modest cost and because the systems are located in the loft of the property, installation is simple and has very few requirements.

The Airius PureAir PIV system also incorporates patented PHI Cell technology from one of the worlds leading air, water and food purification specialists – RGF Environmental, to fully eliminate condensation around the home, reduce allergens, pollutants and radon gas levels, as well as eliminating up to 99%+ of all known viruese, germs and bacteria, including COVID19. It is also an energy efficient product which costs pennies per day to operate. It can be installed in a matter of hours and is proven to save money in the long run. Although the initial cost of a PIV system can be higher than individual extractor fans, the running expenses over time are far lower – and who can put a price on health.

To discuss how the Airius solution can work for you then please call us on 01202 554 200 to find out more.