The Boathouse Tavern


The Boathouse Tavern - Bar and Bistro

The Boathouse Tavern is a popular Bar, Bistro and Gaming venue aimed at providing a family friendly service and is styled around a 40 foot Riviera Cruiser Boat featured in its main bar area.

Key Points:
  • Summer cooling costs reduced by 32%
  • Winter heating costs reduced by 25%
  • Drink spillages & wet floors quickly dried
  • Immediate cooling effects & improved comfort
  • Improved circulation of pleasant culinary aromas
  • Major reduction in Carbon Emissions

Airius Bar & Restaurant Systems: Cooling & Heating


After a number of consecutive hot Summer seasons, The Boathouse Tavern reached out to Airius to advise on a cost effective cooling solution to keep their customers cool in high Summer temperatures. In the Winter the tall ceiling above their internal boat attraction would also act like a heat sink, drawing warm temperatures away from the floor.

The Boathouse Tavern needed a solution to address this, without causing noise disturbance.



After visiting the space and plotting airflow circulation patterns, the Airius Retail Series was specified to provide evaporative and airflow cooling in the low ceilinged bar area.

For the high ceilinged Bar area the ultra quiet Airius Q Series was specified, installed with a variable speed controller, providing high velocity airflow cooling during the Summer, in addition to gently recirculating high level heat during the winter, via use of the speed controller.


The Airius system provided an immediate effect, providing the client and customers with an instant cooling and refreshing breeze in the Summer heat after installation. This equated to a 32% saving on their cooling bills. They also benefited from heating savings in the Winter, reducing annual costs by 25%:

  • •  Summer cooling costs reduced by 32%
  • •  Winter heating costs reduced by 25%
  • •  Immediate cooling effects & improved comfort
  • •  Drink spillages & wet floors quickly dried
  • •  Improved circulation of pleasant culinary aromas
  • •  Major reduction in Carbon Emissions

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We can help you cut your costs with our thermal destratification systems, which recirculates accumulated warm air collected at the top of a building back down to the ground through an invisible column of air. This is then redistributed at floor level, recycling the heat which you have already supplied to the space, reducing the output and workload on your heating system. It also works with cooling. By continuously circulating the heavier and denser cooled air evenly throughout the space in its entirety, it eliminates hot and cold spots and ensures conditions are balanced for all.

When you choose Airius, you will be investing in the most effective thermal destratification system available on the market with an average ROI of between 6 – 24 months. Airius are also the only destratification fan supplier in the world to offer an unrivalled 120 day money back guarantee (terms and conditions apply).

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